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How to Keep Sand OUT of Your RV This Summer (9 Tips!)

| Updated Jul 14, 2023

Do you know the baby powder hack to keep sand out of your RV? We share the 2.0 version of that trick and more great tips…

Summer is here, and RVers everywhere are headed out to beaches and lake shores across the country. They’ll get to dig their toes in the sand, frolic in the water, and simply enjoy fun in the sun.

But all that fun on the shores has one downside: sand. And, as Anikan Skywalker so elegantly points out, “it gets everywhere.” 

Don’t worry, Anikan sympathizers. We have several tips and tricks to help you keep that “coarse and rough and irritating” sand from getting into your RV.

(By the way, if you have no idea what my Anikan Skywalker sand references are about, watch this quick movie clip.)

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1. The Baby Powder Sand Hack 2.0!

Did you know you can use baby powder to easily remove sand from skin? The basic hack goes like this…. 

You generously sprinkle baby powder on your dry-ish sandy skin, whether it’s your feet, hands, or whatever. Then you can easily brush away the sand, leaving you with clean, soft skin!

But, did you know there’s a Baby Powder Sand Hack 2.0?!

Instead of sprinkling baby powder everywhere, a mom discovered a much cleaner method. Mom Lauren shared a video on Instagram of her pouring baby powder into a sock that she then used to wipe sand away from her kids’ feet.

Works like a charm!

2. The Strategically Placed Foot Bath

Another effective trick to keep sand out of your RV is to place a small tub of water by your RV steps or by your favorite camping chairs. Then everyone can easily dip their feet in the water, shaking as necessary to get the bulk of the sand off. 

Chances are you already have a plastic storage bin or bucket in your RV that’ll work. So, no need to bring along any extra gear. 

An added tip is to keep a towel nearby to dry your feet and brush off any lingering sand. Speaking of brushing off sand…

3. The Purposeful Sand Brush

Any soft brush or horse brush will work, but you can actually buy a specifically-made sand brush. This set of 2 sand brushes is highly rated and removes wet or dry sand from your kids, pets, beach gear, and whatever else is sandy.

The brushes are small and lightweight and come in a small carrying bag. All in all, these brushes are an effective alternative to the toweling-off method that leaves you with sandy towels.

4. The Anywhere Shower

If, like Anikan, you much prefer everything soft and smooth, you may need to opt for a full-on outdoor shower on your beach trip. There a quite a few camping shower options, many with their own water bag and some even with solar heating capability.

There’s also this nifty, travel-friendly handheld shower head that comes with a pump that you can drop into any bucket or water source. So, it’s a great gadget to pair with your strategically placed foot bath.

5. The Ol’ Reliable Outdoor Rug

Wherever you camp, it’s always a great idea to lay out an outdoor rug in your campsite. A rug will greatly reduce the amount of sand, dirt, mud, and debris that gets into your RV. 

We have a list of the 7 Best RV Outdoor Rugs & Patio Mats to check out. And while you’re at it, you should also check out How to Keep Your RV Clean with Dogs if you camp with your furry friends.

6. The Giant Sand-Proof Beach Blanket

Speaking of big rugs, another great beach product is this extra-large, quick-drying beach blanket. It folds down into an itty bitty travel case that would make Alladin’s genie proud.

This giant beach mat comes with 6 stakes and 4 corner pockets to keep everything where it should be. It’s also machine washable, which is a big plus!

7. The Sand-Free Beach Towel

Don’t stop at a sand-proof beach blanket! You still need a good beach towel to dry off with that won’t take the sand back to your RV. This XL yet compact beach towel does the trick.

Though this quick-drying towel is thinner than you may be used to, it’s absorbent, quick-drying, and sand doesn’t cling to it. Its extra large size folds down nicely into a compact mesh bag, which is perfect for travel.

This towel also comes in a couple dozen patterns, so each person can have their own fun design. Keeps the kids from arguing over whose towel is whose!

8. The Mesh Beach Bag

No matter how hard you try, you can’t keep sand from getting inside a beach bag. The solution is to use a mesh bag so you can just shake the sand right out of it. 

This extra large beach tote bag has plenty of room to hold your towels and beach gear and plenty of tiny holes to release any sand. 

The zipper closure is a nice plush, and it is machine washable. Plus, it comes in several different fun designs and colors.

9. The Suck It Up, You Did Your Best

You can do your very best, but sand will inevitably still end up in your RV. I mean, as silly as Anikan’s comment was, he’s right. Sand does get everywhere!

So while all of the above will drastically reduce the amount of sand that makes it into your RV, you’ll need to suck up the sand that got past the door. That’s where your handy-dandy RV vacuum comes in.

Sure, you can use a broom and dustpan, but we think a vacuum is the most effective. We have a list of The 5 Best RV Vacuums you should check out.

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