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20 Camping Flags to Add Personality to Your Campsite

| Updated May 22, 2023

Looking for fun ways to personalize your campsite? These camping flags will do the trick…

Camping flags are a popular accessory among outdoor enthusiasts who want to express their individuality and create an enjoyable camping experience.

In a recent Facebook post on our RV Lifestyle page, one of our members named Heather asked to see the creative flags people have at their campsites. Lots of happy campers shared their flags in the comments!

From campground humor to patriotic flags to funny flags about wine, there are all sorts of flag styles out there. You can even get personalized flags with your name, your pet's name, or a cartoon version of yourself! 

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Why You Need a Camping Flag in Your RV Life

Camping flags can provide a festive and welcoming atmosphere, making the campsite more inviting and memorable. They are often used to celebrate special occasions, holidays, or themed camping trips. 

They can also serve as a marker to help group members easily locate their campsite in a crowded campground.

Many campers choose flags representing their interests, hobbies, or favorite sports teams, which brings us to the next benefit of camping flags…

Camping Flags Can Help You Meet Other People

Another really great thing about camping flags is that they can help you make camp friends. When others see your flag, they may recognize something that you have in common and strike up a conversation. 

They're excellent icebreakers! And speaking of which, we have another article with 14 more icebreakers to help make friends while camping.

20 Camping Flags to Add Personality to Your Campsite

No matter your personality, there is sure to be a fun camping flag that fits your unique style. From campsite flag scenes to patriotic flags, the following are fun flags to personalize your campsite. 

On, and don’t forget a Flag Stand!

Campsite Related Flags

1. Welcome to Our Campsite

Featuring two Adirondack chairs, a fire, and some marshmallows, this flag offers a warm greeting to welcome visitors. The classic message of “Welcome to our campsite” is simple and to-the-point.

2. Making Memories One Campsite at a Time

This flag shows an adorable blue camper, a campsite scene, and some trees in the background. It says, “Making memories one campsite at a time.”

3. Camping Rules Slogan Wooden Sign

This adorable flag mimics a wooden sign that lists off camping rules. Some rules include wake up smiling, enjoy nature, and eat smores. 

4. Making Memories Garden Flag

This flag has the same message as #2 but features a beautiful watercolor scene. There is a trailer set against a backdrop of painted mountains and forest.

Patriotic Flags

5. Home of the Free Military Flag

This flag is perfect for Memorial Day, 4th of July, or any/every day you want to honor our military. It features a flag background with military silhouettes in the foreground. The flag says, “Home of the free because of the brave.”

6. Patriotic Floral Mason Jar

This flag has a womanly touch. It says, “Welcome,” and features red, white, and blue mason jars with flowers and small flags sticking out. 

7. American Stars and Stripes Popsicle Flag

This cute flag features the word “America” across the top. It also has patriotic popsicles in stars, stripes, and shades of red, white, and blue. 

8. Patriotic Boots Flag

Army boots filled with flowers and flags balance strength and beauty. We particularly like the pop of patriotic colors against the sepia tones.

9. Patritiotic Gnome Flag

Do you love gnomes? If so, here's a cute flag for you with lots of patriotic flare.

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Personalized Flags

10. Patriotic Dog Flag

This flag is perfect for a patriotic dog lover. It features a camper decked out in red, white, and blue. It can be personalized with your favorite dog and family name. 

11. Enjoy Life Dog Flag

This flag is customizable. It has a camper in the background decked out in patriotic decor. Then it has a dog in the foreground that can be customized with your favorite pooch. It can also be customized with your last name. 

12. Welcome to Our Campsite Personalized Flag

Personalize this adorable camper flag with your last name and hometown. It features an old-school trailer in the center. 

13. Making Memories Personalized Flag

This flag features a cartoon husband and wife enjoying their trailer. Personalize it and get the conversation going with your first names. 

Humorous Flags

14. Let’s Drink and Watch Other People Park Flag

This funny flag exposes what many Rvers favorite form of people-watching! Its humorous saying goes like this: Let’s drink by the fire and watch people park their campers. 

15. Sorry for What I Said Flag

This flag probably hits home for a lot of folks. We all know how stressful parking a trailer can be!

It shows a trailer and mountain picture with the humorous phrase, “Sorry for what I said when we were trying to park the camper.” 

Beer & Wine

16. It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere Flag

The flag, done in watercolor art, has a coconut drink front and center with an ocean background. It looks beachy and tropical and says, “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere.”

17. Wine a Little, Laugh a Lot 

If you love wine, this is the flag for you! It has a neutral background and has the phrase, “Wine a little, laugh a lot” on it. 

18. Enjoying the Kids' Inheritance

This is a popular joke among campers. There's even a well-known camping acronym for it: SKI (Spending Kids' Inheritance.)

It's certainly a funny twist on the popular “making memories one campsite at a time.”

19. You Don’t Have to Be Crazy…

This cute flag is printed on a tan burlap background. It has a vintage trailer and tree scene and says, “You don’t have to be crazy to camp with us. We can train you.”

20. Big Foot Doesn’t Believe in You Either

Another funny flag comes complete with a forest green border. The center of the flag shows a big foot and a mountain scene, with the saying, “Bigfoot doesn’t believe in you either.”

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