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RT29 Roadtreking Podcast: A Guide to RVing Free, Healthy, and Less Buggy!

| Updated Apr 1, 2015

Judging by the amount of listener questions we're getting these days it's clear that many are getting ready for the best time of the year: RV season!

Don't worry, we have you covered in the latest Roadtreking RV Lifestyle podcast, telling you what you need to know by answering as many listener questions as we can – and then some. In fact, we talk everything from eating healthy on the road and keeping insects away to amateur radio and speed traps.

And wait until you hear our main interview!

Charlie Adcock, president of the Family Motor Coach Association, tells us how RVers are finding places to stay overnight free and about a program in place that definitely should alleviate fears of an emergency happening – to you OR your rig – while travelling.

Plus, we have a lot of RV news this week, from a false rumor that Walmart is considering a ban on RV parking across the country, to a KOA workamping couple in Georgia who turned out to be murder fugitives and the woeful state of disrepair affecting many of our national parks.


Listener Question: Eating Healthy on the Road

Listener Diane wants to know how we eat healthy on the road. Jennifer joins me to talk about what it takes to make it happen. Among other tips, you MUST plan ahead BEFORE leaving your sticks-and-bricks base.

Listener Question: Let's Talk Amateur Radio

Listener Dave, an amateur radio operator, wants Mike to talk more about ham radio and RVing. He does. For folks interested in amateur radio, go to

Listener Question: R-Pod Solo Traveler Seeks Roadtrekers

Listener Kassie, a solo traveler, shares her love of traveling in a small R-Pod, a teardrop-shaped towable trailer and wants to find other Roadtrekers to hang out with. She’s invited!

Listener Question: Tell Me More About Insect Screens

Listener Cindy asks about the screens we use on our motorhome. We tell her how many make their own. For Sprinters, we send her to

Here’s a video on the screens we use –

The Skeeter Beaters we use are available at

Listener Question: Don't Fall Into This Trap!

Listener Mike, a Canadian Roadtreker on the way into the U.S., asks about rumors of “overzealous” police shaking down travelers. Well, we've never heard of that, but you do need to be aware of speed traps. Mike refers him to the National Speed Trap Exchange at

RV News of the Week: Walmart Shooting Fallout, Arrests at KOA, Rocky Mountain Probs

Walmart Lot Shooting Fallout – There’s a lot of fallout over that wild shootout in the parking lot of an Arizona Walmart last week, a part of the lpt where RVers park. Some pundits on the Internet are claiming Walmart is about to ban all overnight parking at all its store…. Not true. That one in Arizona, though, may do so as it apparently has become a sort of mecca for the homeless who are even camping out in cars. (Read more)

KOA Camper Caper – A couple working at a KOA in Georgia have been arrested for a 13-year-old murder. The KOA is north of Macon off Interstate 75. (Read more)

Rocky Mountain Help – Rocky Mountain National Park is in need of some major repairs – to the tune of $67 million. (Read more)

Traveling Tech Guide: Get Hip with This Website

There’s a pretty cool new website for finding campgrounds and searching for specific things – it’s called Hipcamp –

If you’re like me and travel a lot, you probably have a plan to keep your home safe and secure while you’re on the road—including keeping your lights on a timer.

But, the problem with timers is that they can only be set to one time. And, if someone is watching your house, they’ll quickly figure out that your lights turn off and on at the same time every day—an indication that you’re not home.

Enter the Philips Hue Connected Light Bulbs! They can be controlled from anywhere you have Internet access—even from across the world. Simply download the companion app to your mobile device and turn your lights on or off anytime you want. You even have the ability to control different lights in different rooms at different times.

But it’s not just used as a home security tool. It can be used to brighten up your home décor, too. With 16 million color combinations, the Philips Hue Personal Wireless Lighting Kit makes it easy to change your lighting to create different moods. You can even set your lights to gradually brighten and dim at your whim.

Visit your local Verizon retailer today to pick up your own Philips Hue Personal Wireless Lighting Kit and check out all the other smart home devices they offer.

And, visit for stories about how technology can enhance and improve your life.

Off the Beaten Path: Rockhound State Park (Near Deming, N.M.)

From Roadtreking Reporter Campskunk we have this great Off the Beaten Path report from Rockhound State Park near Deming, N.M. For his full report, check out his post on the Roadtreking site at

Get a Free Audiobook from

We also have news on how you can get a FREE audiobook download and 30-day free trial at Audible offers over 150,000 titles to choose from for your iPhone, Android, Kindle or mp3 player. For listeners of the Roadtreking podcast, Audible is offering a free audiobook download with a free 30-day trial to give you the opportunity to check out their service. To download your free audiobook today, go to

Interview: Charlie Adcock, President, Family Motor Coach Association

Charlie Adcock. President of the Family Motor Coach Association (, joins us. Among other things, he talks about the many member benefits of FMCA, including:

  • Stop Over Spot – A place where fellow FMCA members allow other members to stop over for a 24-hour emergency stay
  • Come Visit – Locations where FMCA members can stay for 24 hours as part of a “friendship stay”
  • Mechanic's Helper – Service for FMCA members that will allow them to find other FMCA members in an area to help with mechanical problems
  • Pinch Hit Driver – Helps FMCA members find other drivers for their rigs in a, well, pinch

You can read more here:

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Mike Wendland

Published on 2015-04-01

Mike Wendland is a multiple Emmy-award-winning Journalist, Podcaster, YouTuber, and Blogger, who has traveled with his wife, Jennifer, all over North America in an RV, sharing adventures and reviewing RV, Camping, Outdoor, Travel and Tech Gear for the past 12 years. They are leading industry experts in RV living and have written 18 travel books.

4 Responses to “RT29 Roadtreking Podcast: A Guide to RVing Free, Healthy, and Less Buggy!”

April 03, 2015at2:21 pm, bdornbush said:

In the podcast you noted that the idea of cops confiscating travelers’ cash was an urban myth. Not true. Google “police confiscate cash” and you will see stories from Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, NPR and others about this problem. Washington Post said “The effort succeeded, but it had an impact that has been largely hidden from public view: the spread of an aggressive brand of policing that has spurred the seizure of hundreds of millions of dollars in cash from motorists and others not charged with crimes, a Washington Post investigation found. Thousands of people have been forced to fight legal battles that can last more than a year to get their money back.”

April 01, 2015at3:38 pm, Diane Kaufmann said:

I’ve made up two recipes so far – there are some good Pinterest sites with recipes on them. Search for mason jar meals or salads. An excellent book is Meals in a Jar by Julie Languille. Not totally necessary, but very handy, is a ThriftyVac Food Vacuum System ( It can be used with the mason jars, zip lock bags, etc. Very small, doesn’t need electricity or batteries, and will keep food fresh longer while on the road. I have one now for Slinky (RT) and the house.
This recipe – which is fabulous – is from a Pinterest site: It doesn’t state it, but use 2 one pint, wide-mouthed, canning jars for two servings or 1 quart jar for the entire recipe: Once you make a few jars up, you’ll find yourself customizing your own recipes to your likes.

April 01, 2015at10:18 am, Mike Wendland said:

That’s a great idea… please pass along a recipe or so here. We’d like to try one. Salads are our mainstay, adding some grilled chicken for protein.

April 01, 2015at10:14 am, Diane Kaufmann said:

Thanks for food reply Mike and Jennifer. I’m going to try experimenting with Mason Jar Salads made at the start of a trip. Should keep fresh for 5-7 days and they are delicious!

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