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5 Best 12 Volt TVs for Your RV or Campervan (2021)

What are the best 12 volt TVs for your RV? On this list, you might find the best TV for your campervan.

Even though Jennifer and I do not watch much TV, I still have one in our RV. Actually, there are two. It just came that way.

It’s always nice to watch our favorite TV shows on rainy days.

That is why I think it is important to know what to look for if you are in the market for a new one!

The following is my list of what to look for in the best TV for a campervan. I also highlight my top five picks on the market!

(We use affiliate links and may receive a small commission on purchases. Thank you for your support.)

What to Look For in a 12V TV for an RV? 6 Things.

You know that you need a TV for your campervan or RV, but what do you look for? I have outlined several important factors you will want to pay attention to when comparing various TV models. 

1. Screen Size

Most 12-volt TVs are going to have a screen size between 19 and 24 inches. Larger models are available, but you will want to be sure that you have the mounting space available to accommodate the size.  

2. Input Options

Take stock in what TV accessories you want to use with your new RV TV. You will want to choose a TV that is compatible with those accessories. 

For example, do you use a DVD player that requires an HDMI input? If so, you will want to be sure that the TV has HDMI ports.

When looking for the best tv for campervan or RV, most will include:

  • USB port
  • RF
  • PC 
  • VGA
  • Audio
  • CVBS
  • Audio Left and Right (to connect to an external speaker system)

3. Power Requirements

There are two common power requirements when it comes to TVs. The first is AC, which stands for “alternating current.” The other is DC and stands for “direct current.” 

The standard used for RV TVs is typically 12-volt DC outlets. If that is the case for your RV, you want to be careful to choose a DC-compatible TV. If your RV has an AC outlet, choose an AC TV. 

4. Mounting

It is no secret that RVs come with limited space. That is why you will want to purchase a TV with versatile mounting options.

Most RV TVs can be used with universal wall mounts. But some may require additional hardware or tools to install it properly. 

Some RV TVs come complete with their own individual TV stand. Those can be used temporarily, but it is not recommended for permanent use. If you do not mount the TV you will have to secure it each time you move.

Part-time RVers might find that storing their TV when traveling is not cumbersome. However, full-time RVers should opt to hang the TV to avoid damaging it over time.  

5. Media Compatibility

Do you Amazon Prime or Dish Network to watch programs? Or perhaps you use a Roku stick or Amazon Firestick? Some people choose to ditch those and stick only with DVDs when they travel.

No matter what you watch and how you watch it, pay attention to your TV’s media compatibility. You want to be sure that your cable dish or other devices can plug into your new TV. 

If you prefer watching over-the-air TV channels or satellite TV, you want to ensure that your new TV can receive those. Otherwise, you may only be able to receive digital streaming services. 

Having multiple options for different media sources allows you to utilize new multimedia down the road. Maybe you do not watch Netflix now, but you may in the future. It would be nice for your new TV to be compatible with anything new that you want to add. 

These days, a smart TV isn’t that much more expensive than a regular TV. So, if you have off grid internet, then you may want to opt for smart over standard TVs.

6. Price

When it comes to price, there is some good news! Most 12-volt TVs do not come with a huge price tag. That means you can find one that works for you and your rig for about $100 to $250.

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5 Best 12 Volt TVs for Your RV (2021)

Now that you know what to look for in the best TV for campervan or RV, the following are my top five picks!

1. Supersonic 1080p 22-inch LED HDTV for RV

5 Best 12 Volt TVs for Your RV or Campervan (2021) 1

I think the overall best tv for campervan is the Supersonic 22-inch LED 1080p HDTV. It offers the most bang for your buck! It comes complete with the most features and has the most versatility of the TVs on my list. 

Not only does this RV TV include USB and HDMI compatibility, but it also offers RF, PC Audio, CVBS, VGA, and Audio Left and Right inputs. 

With all of those features, you can use digital streaming services and plug-in gaming consoles. You can even plug in external speakers for improved sound quality and a surround sound experience!

The 1080p resolution is top-notch picture quality!

This TV is compatible with wall mounts or can be used with the included legs. 

Finally, you do not have to worry about the power requirements in your RV. It is compatible with both AC and DC outlets, so you do not need to worry about your individual power source. 

2. Jensen JTV19DC 19-inch HDTV (ATSC) Tuner TV

5 Best 12 Volt TVs for Your RV or Campervan (2021) 2
TV 2

This Jensen TV is my top lightweight pick for best TV for campervan. It weighs a mere 5.5 pounds! This is a great TV for anyone concerned about the weight they are adding to their rig. 

It is also a great option for RV owners that plan to store their TV rather than mount it on the wall. It makes moving the TV around a breeze.

This TV offers a 16:9 aspect ratio and can display over 16.7 million different colors. That means it has great viewing quality!

The Jensen RV TV comes with HDMI, USB, VGA, RF, as well as video and stereo inputs. 

3. Supersonic 19-inch 12-volt LED TV with Built-In DVD

5 Best 12 Volt TVs for Your RV or Campervan (2021) 3
TV 3

Are you searching for the best 12-volt TV/DVD combo? If so, look no further!

This TV offers simplicity and a storage space solution in one! This two-for-one solution has a TV with a built-in DVD player that is compatible with a wide variety of different formats. You can use it with DVD, DVD +/- R, DVD +/- RW, CD, CDR, CDRW, VCD, and SVCD. 

In addition to the built-in DVD players, the TV comes complete with HDMI, USB, and AC ports. That way you can use it with a variety of streaming accessories, gaming consoles, or other accessories. 

This TV also comes complete with adaptors for both AC and DC power supply. 

4. LG Electronics 24LJ4540 24-Inch LED HD TV

5 Best 12 Volt TVs for Your RV or Campervan (2021) 4
TV 4

For those of you on a tight budget, this LG Electronics model is the best budget-friendly option. This TV offers great performance and is a good fit for those looking to not spend a lot. 

It has a resolution of 720p, with a direct-lit LED screen. That means it will have high-quality imagery and vivid color. 

This is the best TV for campervan for those on a budget! It provides you great quality for less. 

5. Free Signal 32-Inch 12-volt Flat LED HDTV for RV

5 Best 12 Volt TVs for Your RV or Campervan (2021) 5
TV 5

If a large flat screen TV is on your mind, this may be the best tv for campervan that you can find! This 32-inch TV has the largest screen on my list, and comes with some great features!

This TV can be wall or table mounted and comes complete with three HDMI inputs to connect to multiple accessories. 

It has a wide view angle, which works well when watching sports. 

One drawback is that it is only DC outlet compatible. You can, however, purchase the separate CHD 1260 Power Brick Adapter to make it AC-friendly. 

What Are Your Favorite Shows to Watch on Your 12-volt TV?

Jennifer and I are always looking for show recommendations. Share your all-time favorites and let us know if you’re happy with the type of TV you have in your rig. Comment below!

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October 16, 2021at9:20 am, Samantha Nichols said:

Thanks so much for sharing! It is helpful for me and I love it. Worth article!


October 07, 2021at7:58 am, Samantha Nichols said:

Installed SuperSonic tv in my RV. I cut off the “cigarette lighter” 12-volt adapter after determining the + and – wires and hard-wired it into the electrical system. Incredibly light. Sitting 8 to 10 feet away, there is no quality issue with the image. If you want a great system at a great price for your RV or boat, this will work.


June 15, 2021at11:59 am, JP Swan said:

What level of AMPS do these 12dc tvs draw? Also here to enter the comme ts, on a mobile device the video advertisments get in the way and canot be moved shrunk etc… Fyi


June 14, 2021at12:04 pm, Mike Gildea said:

I found a 19″ 120 AC Volt TV with built in DVD at a appliance store. I hate inverters, so i cut off the inline converter and wired up a cig lighter plug. Now it runs off battery with no inverter. Draws 1.5 Amps with both tv and dvd operating. Brand name isnt important. Just find one with a wall wort (converter) and remove it. This was a dirt cheap alternative to 12volt pricey RV TV.


June 13, 2021at11:06 am, Robin said:

How do I look up past information? Awning cleaner, travel packing list ect.


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