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70 Degree Road Trip #3: All U.S. & Canada

| Updated Jun 30, 2023

Enjoy beautiful weather all year long on this 70 degree road trip through the United States and Canada…

In 2015, a climatologist named Brian B. created a 70°F Road Trip map that has been shared over 10 million times over various platforms. He routed 3 road trips that chase 70-degree weather all year long.

Brian B. updated the routes in 2023 to make them more interesting and you can now choose a Coastal Route, Interior Route, or an All U.S. and Canada Route. 

We’ve already written about the U.S. Coast Route and Interior Route. Today, we’re sharing the INCREDIBLE 70-degree road trip that takes you all through the United States and Canada. 

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A Few Quick Notes

Before we jump into the route, we want to point out that you don’t have to do this entire year-long road trip to make use of the following information. You can use the map and route as a reference guide for shorter trips. 

Simply look at the locations based on the month you’re traveling, and you can plan your road trip based on a segment of this trip. That way, you can enjoy 70-degree weather whenever you want to travel.

Brian B’s map is an overview, and not a detailed itinerary. So, we will provide related links and resources for each monthly segment below to help you plan your trip.

Route 3: The All U.S. and Canada Route

This grand, cross-border adventure spans the U.S. and Canada in an incredible 13,996-mile (22,530 km) journey. 

Starting in San Diego, California, the All U.S. and Canada Route takes you through the heart of the American Southwest, the charming landscapes of the southern and eastern U.S., the vast wilderness of the Canadian territories, and the rugged coastline of western Canada.

Then the route returns you to the United States, continuing down through where the West meets the Midwest to the southern states. Finally, you conclude your amazing journey in Daytona, Florida.

(You can check out Brian B.’s Climate Blog to see all 3 routes on an overview map and how he figured them out.)


70 Degree Road Trip #3: All U.S. & Canada 1

Kick off your adventure in San Diego, California, and stay on I-8 as you make your way to the sun-drenched city of Phoenix, Arizona.

Mileage: 357 miles


Follow I-10 from Phoenix to El Paso, Texas. Immerse yourself in the unique cultures and mesmerizing landscapes of the American Southwest.

Mileage: 384 miles


70 Degree Road Trip #3: All U.S. & Canada 2

Venture from El Paso along state roads toward Wichita Falls, Texas, and continue through extreme southern and eastern Oklahoma. Enjoy the beautiful and varied landscapes along the way.

(Starting this month, you’ll need to start covering more ground every month to keep up with the 70-degree weather.)

Mileage: 991 miles


70 Degree Road Trip #3: All U.S. & Canada 3

Head east through the picturesque states of Arkansas and Tennessee into North Carolina. Then head up the Blue Ridge Parkway through western Virginia, West Virginia, and finally to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Explore amazing cities and places like Chattanooga, Pigeon Forge, Asheville, Roanoke, Monongahela National Forest, and more.

Mileage: 1,328 miles


70 Degree Road Trip #3: All U.S. & Canada 4

Start eastward in Pennsylvania before looping back to Youngstown and Canton, Ohio. Continue northeast to Chicago, Illinois, and then head north into Wisconsin. Conclude the month in the scenic landscapes of central Minnesota.

Mileage: 1,440 miles



Get ready to cover a lot of ground this month!

Continuing northward, you reach the international border at International Falls, MN. Follow the highway north to Longbow Lake and then west to Winnipeg and Edmonton. Keep heading northeast and then north on smaller highways to Hay River on the shore of Great Slave Lake. 

From there, head generally west toward Dawson, YT, and the border crossing at the Top of the World Highway. Then make your way to Fairbanks, AK. 

Mileage: 3,424 miles


 British Columbia
British Columbia

Head south from Fairbanks to Anchorage, Alaska, and head eastward across the Canadian border. Begin your return to the Lower 48, aiming to finish the month at Prince George, British Columbia.

Mileage: 1,735 miles


Work Camping Jobs Glacier National Park
Glacier National Park

From Prince George, make your way southeast to Calgary, Alberta, and cross back into the U.S. near Glacier National Park, Montana.

Mileage: 643 miles


Now in Montana, hit Yellowstone and then stay on smaller highways that wind through parts of western Wyoming, eastern Idaho, and northeastern Utah. Briefly take I-70 east to the Colorado border.

Mileage: 1,056 miles


Colorado Itinerary

In Colorado, head southeast on state and U.S. highways into extreme northern New Mexico near Taos. Then head north and northeast to Denver and then east into the plains of eastern Colorado. 

Then continue eastward through most of southern Kansas before turning southeast to Little Rock, AR. This is where the route crosses itself from early April.

Mileage: 1,632 miles 


Travel nearly due east to Jackson, Mississippi, then up to Birmingham, Alabama, and turn southeast to reach Lake City, Florida.

Mileage: 732 miles


Daytona Beach
Daytona Beach

Complete your year-long adventure by driving the final leg from Lake City, Florida, to Daytona, Florida, where you can relax on the picturesque Atlantic Ocean beaches and reflect on your incredible journey.

Once you’re in Florida, you might as well loop around and continue to enjoy the tropical weather. In the list below, we include adventure guides that’ll take you down Florida’s Atlantic Coast, through the Keys, and back up the Gulf Coast.

Mileage: 187 miles

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70 Degree Road Trip #3: All U.S. & Canada 5

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Published on 2023-06-30

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