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70 Degree Road Trip #1: The Coastal Adventure

| Updated Jun 23, 2023

A clever climatologist routed a 70 degree road trip around the U.S., where you can enjoy 70-degree weather all year long…

In 2015, a climatologist named Brian B. created a 70°F Road Trip map that has been shared over 10 million times over various platforms. The map consists of 3 different routes that chase 70-degree weather all year long.

He updated the routes in 2023 to make them more interesting. You can now choose a Coastal Route, Interior Route, or an All U.S. and Canada Route. 

You can see Brian B.’s Climate Blog and how he figured these routes out. In this article, we will focus on what Brian B. calls the Coastal Route. We'll cover the other two routes in upcoming articles.

Keep in mind you don't have to do this entire route. You can simply use it as a guide to plan trips using segments at different times of year. But, if you have the time and resources, it sure would be an epic journey to do the entire route!

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Route 1: The Coastal Adventure

Click here to see the Wanderlog map for Route 1.

The coastal route of Brian B.'s 70 degree road trip starts in Tampa, Florida and ends in San Diego, California. It's an extraordinary 7,468-mile journey through diverse landscapes and coastal views.

Brian calls it the coastal route because it takes you along the east coast and follows the shores of some of the great lakes, and finishes off on the southern coast of sunny California. However, this route may be better designated the “exterior” or “perimeter” route…

It has a long stretch across the northern states and a detour inland once you get out west. That's what is required to stay within the 69-71 degree window.

But, even though it doesn't take you entirely down the Oregon and California coastline, you'll still see amazing landscapes every mile of the journey.

We're going to walk you through the journey and link to helpful articles to help you plan your trip.


Set off from Tampa, Florida, and make your way east toward Orlando. Enjoy the warm weather, sandy beaches, and vibrant attractions, including theme parks, shopping, and dining experiences. 

Mileage: 151 miles


70 Degree Road Trip #1: The Coastal Adventure 1

Head up the east coast of Florida to Jacksonville, taking in the pristine coastal views and visiting historic landmarks such as the Fort Caroline National Memorial. 

Mileage: 81 miles



Continue northward along I-95, stopping by the charming cities of Savannah and Charleston. Reach the North Carolina border, where delicious Carolina BBQ awaits. 

Mileage: 341 miles


Continue traveling up the I-95 corridor to explore the vibrant cities of Richmond, Washington D.C., Baltimore, and Philadelphia while soaking in the East Coast's rich history. 

There are so many museums and historical sites in this part of the country. It's worth looking for reciprocal memberships to use at museums, botanical gardens, zoos, and more.

Mileage: 447 miles


fenway park boston

Take in the scenic beauty of the northeast as you drive from Philadelphia through New York City and all the way to Boston. Revel in the flourishing spring atmosphere as you explore cosmopolitan cities and quaint towns. 

Mileage: 300 miles


7 Biggest Lakes in the U.S.

Buckle up and get ready to cover a lot of ground this month. In this stretch, you go all the way from Boston, Massachusettes to central Montana. This long stretch rewards you with natural wonders such as Niagara Falls and the vast wilderness of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. 

While 2,388 miles seems like a lot, that's only 80 miles a day. So, you can still spend time seeing plenty of sights along the way.

Mileage: 2,388 miles


70 Degree Road Trip #1: The Coastal Adventure 2

Traverse through the stunning terrain of western Montana, Idaho, and Washington on I-90. End your month in the lush surroundings of coastal Washington. 

Mileage: 965 miles


Journey south along the breathtaking coastal highways, making your way to Newport, Oregon. Marvel at the Pacific Ocean's rugged beauty and discover charming coastal towns. 

Mileage: 289 miles



Thread your way through eastern Oregon on lesser-traveled mountain highways. Conquer I-84 in Idaho and I-15 in Utah, soaking in the picturesque landscapes. 

Mileage: 962 miles


Explore the enchanting rural highways of the Southwest, driving southeast from Utah to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Immerse yourself in the region's rich culture and natural splendors. 

Mileage: 546 miles

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Venture west on I-40 from Albuquerque to Flagstaff, then head south on I-17 to Phoenix. Witness the mesmerizing Arizona landscape, including the iconic Grand Canyon. Mileage: 467 miles


70 Degree Road Trip #1: The Coastal Adventure 3
Extend your stay and visit the top 5 National Parks in California!

Conclude your coastal adventure taking I-10 from Phoenix to Los Angeles, followed by I-5 to San Diego. Celebrate your journey's end while basking in the warmth of California's sun-kissed beaches. 

Mileage: 531 miles

Make It Round-Trip!

As you see, this 70-degree road trip takes you 3/4 of the way around the United States. You can continue your road trip through the southern states to complete your loop around the United States.

You'll lose your 70-degree weather but you won't have to deal with the Southern heat as it'll be December or January when you start heading back to Florida. Check out our Florida Gulf Coast RV Adventure Guide and Florida Keys RV Adventure Guide.

And don't forget, we'll be back with 2 more routes that chase 70-degree weather through the interior United States and all the way through the U.S. and Canada. Join our newsletter to stay tuned (complete form below.)

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70 Degree Road Trip #1: The Coastal Adventure 4

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Published on 2023-06-19

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