Summer’s Over on the Oregon Coast

 Summer’s Over on the Oregon Coast


Well, we strung it out as long as we could, but it's becoming apparent that our summer on the coast is coming to an end. Four days with no sunshine at all, and lower temperatures, mean that the seasons are changing and it's time to move on.

We got out here the first week of April down by Paso Robles, CA, and have spent the last five months slowly moving north, a bit over 600 miles. Wherever we got a spot where we could hang out on the ocean and not aggravate the locals we slowed down and got to know the territory. Stops on the road north included Big Sur and Fort Bragg, where we spent weeks along one stretch of a dozen miles of coast. We'd explore and savor the beautiful beach and neat overnight camping spots. It's nice – and cheap. since April I have bought a grand total of ten tanks of fuel, less than $500 in all, and maybe $800 on camping fees in the state beaches etc. in places down in California where we couldn't boondock.  Food is our only significant expense.


But the best part of the last five months is the constant oceanfront locations we have enjoyed. Maybe ten days total we have been in transit and at casinos or other spots where we weren't looking directly at the open horizon and hearing the surf. The rest of the time we have been right here, with 10,000 kilometers of nothing stretching out in front of us. We get to know the shifts in light and tide that you notice after prolonged observation. We enjoy the cool breezes off the water when everyone inland is broiling in the summer heat. We watch the whales, seals, birds, and shore critters as they go about their business, which they will do if you hold still long enough.

P7319466aIt's been a good summer – we haven't spent this much time right on the Pacific since our 2012 season out here. That year we headed back south down the ocast as the weather cooled – this time we'll probably head east across the top of the country and go down the east coast, which we haven't seen much of lately. The leaves will be spectacular, and we have lots of time to kill between now and Thanksgiving.

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  • Summer may be ending but that’s when we head to the Oregon Coast. Kids are in school. Camping spots are readily available and the brew pubs are cranking out their finest after the hop harvest.

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