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Five Top California National Parks for your Bucket List

California is an amazing state filled with such diverse climates, vistas and attractions that it is hard to know even where to start when planning an RV trip there.

Our advice: Start with these five California National Parks.

From volcanic peaks, to lush meadows, to scorching sands, to towering trees, to dramatic oceanfronts, to snow-capped mountains and peaceful forest wilderness, it’s no wonder California has more National Parks than any other state – nine in all, plus many other national trails, monuments and historic sites. Here’s a full list – 

Every time we visit California we wish we could stay longer, see more.

Sometime, we want to do a long tour of each and every one of them.

In this video, we share the Top 5 on our bucket list and why we think you should have them on your’s too.

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