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You can tow this RV with a bicycle

In Elkhart, Indiana not long ago, we met a local man who has developed what may be the world’s smallest RV, a super small little trailer that, at5 70 pounds, can be towed with a bicycle.

His name is Scottie Schulz and he calls his invention the BikeStream.

Here’s a video:

Scottie is looking to line up some distributors and plans to eventually sell it online. He’s thinking it will cost a bit over $2,000 but right now, he’s busy making a bunch of them in RV and cargo trailer styles, hoping the bicycle craze and the RV boom will coincide nicely here and make his BikeStream brand a big success.

Scottie’s target price point strikes me as a bit excessive but as he gets closer to an official launch, who knows what it may end up being. 

While still not available online you can connect with Scottie on his Facebook group: or at

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