We’re dog people. If you know anything about us, you know that.

Jennifer and I both grew up with dogs and since we married, we’ve always had a dog.

When we started RVing in 2012, we had Tai, who was our third Norwegian Elkhound.

When Tai passed away in 2015, we soon had Bo, our fourth Elkhound.

One of the reasons why we like to RV is we can bring Bo. We’re not alone in that respect, by the way. A few years ago I surveyed our Fellow RV Lifestyle Travelers and about 70 percent said one of the main reasons they travel by RV is so they can travel with their pets, too.

So Bo is a big part of the RV Lifestyle.

But that’s not to say there aren’t challenges in traveling with a dog in an RV.

Too many places don’t allow dogs. Places like National Parks. Hiking trails. Beaches.

It’s a long list, really,

And often, there are things Jennifer and I want to do – like take a hike in a National Park, eat at a fancy restaurant, visit a museum, go to a movie, attend a grandkid’s sporting event, shoot some video in places that are not dog friendly and lots of other things – but we can’t, because dogs are not allowed.

Yes, like at home, we can leave him in the RV when he can’t accompany us. But what if the AC goes out?

The video below explains how we travel with Bo in our RV:

Here are all the resources, products, and services we referenced in that video: