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Carrying the right tool – in your smartphone

Having the right tool at the right time can make a any DIY project a breeze. Yet RVers are often limited in the room they have to carry lots of tools.

But sometimes, by using the right app, your smartphone can actually be that tool you need. I did a recent NBC PC Mike segment on three smartphone apps that are handy for DIYers and thought I’d share them here with Roadtrekers.

Planimeter is the perfect app to measure land area and distance on a map. The app uses satellite imaging to allow users to simply drop a pin at the start point of whatever is being measured and then another pin at the ending location. It allows for measuring for lawns, fences, paving, roofing, and more. The app is $7.99 for iOS.

iHandy Level Free turns a smartphone into a level for doing everything from making sure the RV is level to hanging pictures to measuring a wall. The app uses graphics that look just like a traditional bubble level. Download the app, be sure to calibrate your phone using the calibration button and you’ll be off and running. The app is free for iOS and Android.

DeWalt Mobile Pro provides calculators and conversion tools for those serious about BIY improvement. It comes with templates for area, length, and volume, as well as estimating studs, drywall, and concrete slabs. The free app also offers numerous ways to customize the interface based on various trades, such as carpentry, concrete, and landscaping. The app is free for iOS and Android with premium features available for purchase.

Here’s the video I did on the three apps for NBC stations around the country:

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