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My RV is hangout heaven for soccer kids

kidsinRTWe spent much of the weekend in Georgia at a soccer tournament one of my grandsons was playing in and found yet another use for our Roadtrek eTrek – as a place for the younger brothers and their friends to hang out in.kidsinrtjj

It wasn’t planned. They just sort of took it over once they discovered how much fun it was. And between games, I became babysitter-in-chief.

We went through four bags of popcorn. Pretty much a case of bottled water.

kidsinrtboysWe charged iPods and iPads and watched TV and the DVD. Oh yeah, the onboard bathroom came in pretty handy, too.

My dog Tai loved the attention, getting pretty much non stop pets from kids – his favorite type of human.

Several Moms and Dads from the team also poked their heads inside and were duly impressed. But I think what they liked most about it was they knew where their kids were.

Me? Hey, kids are my favorite type of humans, too.kids2inRT

2 Responses to “My RV is hangout heaven for soccer kids”

March 11, 2013at1:12 pm, Nancy Emmert said:

We traveled with our two grandsons in our RoadTrek to National Parks in the last two summers. At their parent’s suggestion, we took our Wii along and it kept them occupied during the long drives. However, they were not allowed to use it in the National Parks. They had a real surprise when we went from the Tetons to Yellowstone (from one directly to the other).

March 11, 2013at10:49 am, charles cowles said:

I am now using our class c in the parking lot of the hospital in Albany, Ga. My wife is in the ICC unit, so I am using the RV to stay in instead of traveling back and forth from home 40 miles away.

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