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RV Quick Tips: Easy way to level an RV

It can be a pain finding a level spot when parking your Class B RV for the night. You stop, look at the angle front to back, side to side. Maybe walk back and use a level of a smartphone app. Then back to the front to put the RV in gear and repeat the process.

At one of our recent Roadtreking gatherings, Jennifer got to talking with Chris Grever Schuhle who showed us her system.

It’s our Quick RV Tip of the week.

Chris’ soluton would work in any sized RV.

It’s so sensible that you have to wonder why RV manufacturers don’t make this easy system factory installed.

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One Response to “RV Quick Tips: Easy way to level an RV”

March 16, 2019at5:13 pm, Beth Gorton said:

I use a round bubble level on the top of the dash, having figured out where to put it in a dead level parking lot.

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