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RV Quick Tip: Use the back of that headboard

Storing all the necessities in your RV can be a big challenge. If you have a rear headboard on your RV, here’s how you can save some extra space. Do this quick RV mod so you can hang hoses and cables then have easy access when you need them.

2 Responses to “RV Quick Tip: Use the back of that headboard”

November 26, 2018at6:01 pm, Todd said:

Is this headboard available for purchase anywhere? We recently bought a Roadtrek Agile so not sure that kind of headboard would work in our rig but the storage would be nice!

November 20, 2018at4:37 pm, Barbara Longeway said:

Good idea!! But the music made it necessary to listen twice to hear what Mike was saying.

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