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5 Best RV Basement Storage Ideas

| Updated Jun 21, 2023

These RV basement storage ideas will help maximize space and minimize stress!

Does it feel like you have too much stuff in your RV? Is your RV basement storage a mess, and in need of some serious organizational help?

Not all RVs are created the same, but there are many different storage solutions. You can find the right storage solutions that can work for your needs!

The good news is, there are many ideas that can help you keep your clutter organized and easy to access.

The following are my RV storage ideas that can help keep you tidy and organized for your next trip. Spend less time hassling with your stuff, and more time enjoying the great outdoors!

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5 RV Basement Storage Ideas

The storage bays beneath your RV are usually small spaces. To make the most of your space, it is a great idea to organize that storage space into separate, accessible areas.

There are different ways to do this, and you will want to assess your needs, as well as the size of your rig, to find your best solution. These RV basement storage ideas should get you started…

1. Cargo Trays

rv basement storage ideas
Our slide out in our Leisure Travel Van garage.

A cargo tray, aka slide tray, is a large flat tray that gets attached to the basement wall of your RV. It can then get pulled out in order to easily reach stuff that is stored at the back of your storage area. In other words, it provides easy access to everything that is in your RV basement.

Since you can easily reach everything that you put into this holding area, it is almost like the tray provides you with extra space. That is because you can truly use every inch of your RV's precious storage compartments.

You can see how ours work in a recent video we made right before a long trip. The video below starts right when we use it to load up for the trip.

2. Plastic Bins

Using plastic bins in your storage area is always a good idea. They are both durable and keep their shape.

First, plastic bins can withstand wear and tear very well. Plus, they can withstand weather and other conditions that can threaten to ruin your gear.

Many plastic bins are transparent, so you can easily find what you are looking for. This comes in very handy after a long journey or in the dark! There is nothing worse than being tired or cold and looking for a hard-to-find item.

See-through bins are also helpful when you have many small items packed together.

Plastic bins are also a great food storage idea since they can keep critters at bay when properly secured. Talk about easy storage for that food that will not fit up top in the kitchen!

Plastic bins can also be stacked easily since they are usually formed into rectangles that can be placed on top of one another. Using plastic storage bins is the best way to get the most out of your tight space.

Helpful hint: Measure your storage space to be able to find the largest bins, or bins that can be used the best together, to utilize as much of your storage area as possible. Most bins provide their interior, as well as exterior, dimensions.

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3. Drawers

Plastic drawers are a great way to store a lot of stuff that is easy to access. Not only are they the perfect solution for small things, but they also come in various sizes.

Stackable drawers can easily provide RV basement storage solutions for many different items. Store tools, sports equipment, or even have additional space for extra clothing!

Stackable drawers can also be used if you are looking for RV shoe storage ideas!

4. Water Hose Storage

If you have ever had to utilize your RV water hoses, then you know that it can be quite a chore! Not only can they get tangled and be cumbersome to wind and unwind. But they can take up more space than necessary when not stored in a nice, tight way.

Make your RV lifestyle easier! Keep your water hoses nicely organized with a hose wheel. It can keep your lines free of kinks, and tightly organized so that they do not take up too much space.

If you have the type of RV that has storage in the back, behind your headboard, check out how to store your water hose.

5. Chair Storage

This suggestion is not a product but could be useful for your RV organization hacks.

The hack: simply add plywood dividers to your RV basement space. This can keep your chairs stored upright, and utilize the vertical space that can sometimes get underused in RV basement organization.

Maybe this one will work for you.

Bonus: Finding Extra Kitchen Space

While the kitchen is not technically in the RV basement, who cannot use extra storage space in one of the busiest areas of the RV?

Utilizing lazy susans or a spice rack can free up cabinet space. Lazy susans can help you reach many items in a cabinet, instead of wasting the space in the back of the cupboard that you cannot reach. Using a spice rack can free up the area inside of your kitchen drawers.

Some cabinets have enough room for a shelf rack to hang inside the cabinet door, providing extra vertical space. Consider keeping canned goods, or cleaning products, and other utility items in this way.

Make the most of your kitchen drawers with drawer organizers that can keep all of your kitchen utensils and other items organized.

You might also want to consider using command hooks to easily hang kitchen items in an organized way. These simple hooks can easily house your oven mitts or towels.

More Exterior Storage

If you're trying to maximize your basement storage space, don't forget to utilize exterior storage as well. Here are 4 Outstanding Hitch Racks for eBikes and the 7 Best RV Camper Kayak Racks.

Share Your RV Basement Storage Ideas

Please share your RV basement storage ideas in the comments below or in our RV Lifestyle Facebook group. Your ideas can save fellow RVers a lot of hassle!

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