RV Accessory: Dash Stick Pad

 RV Accessory: Dash Stick Pad

Here's a cool idea: The Dash Stick Pad. It's a very cool little pad that affixes itself to your dashboard with no glue, no tape, no residue but can then hold just about anything you put on top of it: A GPS unit, your mobile phone, sunglasses, pens, coins, pretty much whatever. These things just hold fast to the pad. Road bumps and jolts won't dislodge them, either.

Dash Stick Pads can hold just about anything

The video above shows it in operation. But we like it a lot. Instead of using a big suction cup to attach our GPS to the windshield, the Dash Stick Pad holds it just fine. Best of all, it costs only $7.

The Dash Stick Pad is washable, removable, and reusable. It “installs” (if that is what you want to call it) but just putting it down on the dashboard. It takes a second..tops.  No tools or glue are needed. It attaches to horizontal or vertical surfaces. To remove it, just take a corner and peel it off. It contains no magnets, no adhesives; leaves no sticky or tacky residue.

We suggest at least two for the RV…one for the driver, one for the passenger. But I think once you get these, you'll also want them for your personal car or truck. You can get it at https://roadtrekingstore.com/dastnonstpad.html


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  • Yes! This is the answer to what we need for our GPS. We had it on a suction cup and was stopped by a state cop in Connecticut and told he could write us a ticket for having an obstructed windshield. Ordering some right now.

  • We have been looking for these. Ran into some folks in a campground in Florida and they were showing us their Roadtrek and they had three of these on the dash. As I recall, they paid $10 each so this price at $7 is way better. We have looked and looked for them since last winter. Yeah Jeff!

  • I bought this stuff. It is WORTHLESS. It will work for maybe three days – but those three days it works well. BUT, then, NOTHING will stick to it. I RINSED it off with plain water as instructed, now, NOTHING will stick to it, or on it.
    BAD produce.

    • I’ve been using mine for a couple of weeks now and it works great. Seeing as how this was just put on the the store yesterday I don’t think we are talking about the same product.

  • Jeff,
    I got mine at Cruisin The Coast Two Years ago. Same packaging. Looks identical to mine. Glad you got a good one.

  • Susie you got bad stuff… Mine has been up for weeks… in fact I switch it between vehicles. You should not trash a product like that without taking the time to see if you were unique or not.
    From our experience, your comments are untrue.

    • Mike, just because yours works, does not mean mine did. And it certainly does not mean I am a liar. Thanks for being so understanding and helpful. Have a great day.

  • This is pretty funny, Mike. Susie posts flat out claims…using all cap words like
    WORTHLESS NOTHING BAD then you politely tell her that she must have gotten some bad product and suggest she not trash something without seeing if she was unique. You weren’t questioning that she had a bad experience, but that it was untrue it was a worthless or bad product based on her limited experience. Sounds reasonable to me. But then she comes back on and is all sarcastic and snarky. It always amazes me how people make everything about them. Anyway, thanks for you and Jeff posting this. I ordered some.

  • You can’t please all of the people all of the time mIke… 🙂

  • Her use of all caps was a dead giveaway that you had a very reactionary person on the line

  • I have one I bought last summer at an RV show and it still works fine. Oops, maybe I should say IT STILL WORKS FINE. 🙂

  • If they get dusty they do not hold stuff very well. Simple fix is to rinse off both sides wth plain water. We’ve used them for years.

  • It is mentioned that the Dash Stick pad can hold a GPS. I have a small Garmin (4.3″ screen) I would like to mount on the dash of a Ford Freestyle. The dash is slightly sloped toward the front seats. Would you just push the Garmin mount down on the pad, or would you use the suction cup on the mount to attach it to the Dash Stick pad? Anyone using a GPS with the Dash Stick pad care to comment?

    • For our Garmen, we have to set the suction cup to be flat for it to stick. Our dashboard is slanted too. I can’t say for sure that it will work the same for yours though. Basically, whatever you want to stick needs to have a fairly flat surface to stick well.

  • I saw these in Sam’s the other day, I want to say it was under $25 for a pack of 5 and $7 for one. Many colors too!
    I’m not sure my GPS would work on it. It plugs into the back of the unit and I cannot leave it unplugged for long periods of time. It would be great for my phone though!

  • I had a dash sticky quite some time ago and when I left it in one place on the dash it stained the area where it was so I would suggest moving it around a little and by the way it will not hold anything down in abrupt stops or accidents so if your phone is propelled at you it could be bad. If it is used in proper places and moved around a little it is really cool but give it thought. /*

  • I bought one of these at the FMCA rally in Indio, CA. It seems to work just fine, but what I did not like is that it left marks on my iPhone case that were hard to get off. Since I like my case a lot, I decided not to use the sticker. Just my choice 🙂

  • Beryl Davis, we need this.

  • I love mine!

  • They remind me of those squelchy toy frogs that the kids used to have, that would stick anywhere, lol!

  • Having to go searching under seats for cellphone again today! Grr! This product might help!

  • Love mine, works great. Bought it at the RV show. 🙂

  • I have one on the dashboard of my car…LOVE it!

  • Holds pens, coins, not much else…

  • I’ve had a similar device for decades. When the stickiness begins to ‘wear off,’ all I do is wash it and it’s like new again. I’ve never tried it with coins; I’m not sure they’re heavy enough to stay put over the, um, “well-maintained” roads here in the Great Lakes Region.

  • I have a 190 40th Anniv – not many surfaces that this will stick to and the few that it does, doesn’t hold very well – I would recommending passing on this item

  • that’s high

  • I bought several for gifts and mine sticks great to the dash. Love mine!

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