Here’s a cool idea: The Dash Stick Pad. It’s a very cool little pad that affixes itself to your dashboard with no glue, no tape, no residue but can then hold just about anything you put on top of it: A GPS unit, your mobile phone, sunglasses, pens, coins, pretty much whatever. These things just hold fast to the pad. Road bumps and jolts won’t dislodge them, either.


Dash Stick Pads can hold just about anything

The video above shows it in operation. But we like it a lot. Instead of using a big suction cup to attach our GPS to the windshield, the Dash Stick Pad holds it just fine. Best of all, it costs only $7.

The Dash Stick Pad is washable, removable, and reusable. It “installs” (if that is what you want to call it) but just putting it down on the dashboard. It takes a second..tops.  No tools or glue are needed. It attaches to horizontal or vertical surfaces. To remove it, just take a corner and peel it off. It contains no magnets, no adhesives; leaves no sticky or tacky residue.

We suggest at least two for the RV…one for the driver, one for the passenger. But I think once you get these, you’ll also want them for your personal car or truck. You can get it at