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Decals to show your RV travels in U.S. and Canada

If you are like Mike and me, you love keeping track of the different states and Provinces you visit in your RV. For us – since we started our RV travels nearly five years ago – that works out to 38 different states.

stickerI’ve seen folks who have maps on their RVs that show where they’ve been so when we found one on Amazon, we ordered it. The one we got shows each state in vibrant solid colors. Ours is no longer available but we found several others listed on Amazon. Many camping accessory stores also carry them.

They’re printed on durable, premium 3M automotive vinyl/ You can put it on an inside wall or outside.

They typically measure about 11″ x 15″, so they are not gaudy or too big.

You get the map on one sheet and the individually cut self adhesive states to apply on the outline of the states on the base map. It’s all very simple, though you want to take your time sticking the states on the mark, lining them up on the outline.

Here’s one for U.S. States

Here’s one for Canadian Provinces 

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