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Unleash these Tips to Book Pet-Friendly Camping Reservations

| Updated Apr 20, 2023

Don't leave your furry friend behind on your camping trip! Learn how to find and make pet-friendly camping reservations…

We’ve been RVing with a dog since we hit the road, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. And we’re definitely not alone.

We did our own unofficial survey a few years back that showed 67% of RVers travel with pets, and it’s likely that number has only grown.  

Furthermore, many people choose the RV Lifestyle because it allows them to travel with their pet! So, simply put, we’re an animal-loving people!

Unfortunately, not every campground or destination loves pets as much as we do. But here are some tips and tricks for you to find and book pet-friendly camping reservations.

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Filter Campground Searches for Pets

Campground booking websites have caught on that pet owners are a big chunk of the camping demographic. So, most sites have a filter feature that allows you to select “pet friendly” or specify the type of pet you’re traveling with. 

Whenever searching for camping reservations on a specific site, look for the filter icon. The icon is usually a funnel, or sometimes it simply says ‘filter.’

Click on the funnel icon or the word “filter” and check the box that applies to pets. Run your search, and the results will now only show pet-friendly campsites.

Pro Tip: Some search filters are unreliable. So, always double-check that the campsite you choose from the results is, in fact, pet friendly.

11 Best Sites for Camping Reservations

Unleash these Tips to Book Pet-Friendly Camping Reservations 1

To expand your options, you should check multiple campground reservation websites. These sites allow you to filter for pets and other key categories. 

We recently compiled a list of our 11 favorite camping reservation sites with helpful information on each. Plus, the article includes discount codes

Here are the best sites for camping reservations:


In our experience, one of the best resources for pet-friendly travel is This website is founded and operated by the dynamic husband-wife duo Amy and Rod Burkert. 

As full-time RVers themselves, Amy and Rod have traveled extensively throughout North America in their Class A motorhome with their two dogs, Buster and Ty. 

Along the way, they have documented thousands of pet-friendly places, making their website a veritable encyclopedia of travel advice for fellow RVers looking to travel with their furry companions.

We spoke with the couple not too long ago, and they shared some great advice on traveling with pets.

Start with the Top 10 Dog-Friendly Campgrounds

Another great place to start is by reading 10 of the most dog-friendly campgrounds in the U.S. That list is a great jumping-off point since it includes locations across the country. 

Though these campgrounds cater primarily to dogs, many welcome pets of any kind. The top 10 are (in no particular order):

  • Lake George RV Park
  • 4 Paws Kingdom Campground
  • Rovers RV Park
  • Normandy Farms Campground
  • Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Parks
  • Riverside Campground & Cabins
  • Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground
  •  Sagadahoc Bay Campground
  • KOA Campgrounds
  • Mackinaw Mill Creek Campground

Learn more about these campgrounds by clicking here. 

Unleash these Tips to Book Pet-Friendly Camping Reservations 2

3 Tips for Booking Pet-Friendly Campsites

You can use the above tips and tricks to find the best pet-friendly campground for you. Then, it’s time to make a reservation. Here are a few big tips to help!

1. Look at the Campground Map Before Booking a Campsite

You should always look at the campground map before you book, but this is especially important if you have a pet. Look for campsites near campground features like hiking trails, a dog park, or green space to choose the most convenient spot.

Depending on your pet, you may wish to select a more secluded site or a site away from where kids play. Those are good options if your dog, for instance, tends to bark. 

Or, you may want easy access to a “potty area” for your dog or an interesting view for your cat to enjoy from the window. Take all of this into account when selecting a campsite!

2. Ask Questions In Advance

If the campground’s website or description doesn’t provide much pet information, call the campground office. Make sure they don’t have any restrictions like the size of the dog or type of pet. 

It’s also a great idea to read the pet policy in advance. Most include standard rules, like keeping a leash on and cleaning up after them. But, sometimes, there are unusual rules you’ll wish you would’ve known about in advance.

For instance, more and more campgrounds are banning portable pet fences. This means you can’t set up a temporary enclosure for your pet on your campsite. 

We also recommend you read the 7 UNWRITTEN Rules of Camping with a Dog.

The Best Portable Dog Fence for Camping (2023)

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Why? Because you’ll need to allow for the fence alert/warning zone. The effective boundary for your dog is 10 feet inside the fence boundary that you walk. Walk your planned boundary with SpotOn's dog collar and your phone or draw your fence in the app. Truly, watching this video will show you how cool this technology is! True Location™ technology builds on conventional GPS and makes it better, giving you the most reliable fence boundary that never requires calibration. So your dog can have a great adventure without risking a great escape. Get professionally-developed training programs that’ll have your dog using SpotOn in a few simple steps!

3. Book It ASAP

These days, it’s always a good idea to book as far in advance as possible, especially if you have a pet. There are dog-friendly campgrounds you can drive up to and make same-day reservations (especially in the off-season).

However, you’re taking a big risk by hoping they’ll have a spot available upon arrival. Even if they do have vacancies, you’ll likely be left with less-desirable campsites to choose from. 

So, whenever possible, book in advance. Even booking a day or two in advance is better than showing up the day of. At least you won’t have to turn around if they don’t have a vacancy to find a place to park overnight.

Don’t Know How to Make a Camping Reservation?

If you’re a newbie and don’t know how to make a camping reservation, don’t fret. We have a beginner’s guide to help you!

Learn everything you need to know about camping reservations at campgrounds. From booking to arrival, we’ve got you covered. Click here to read more…

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Unleash these Tips to Book Pet-Friendly Camping Reservations 3

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Published on 2023-04-18

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