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10 Best Dog-Friendly Campgrounds in the U.S. (2024)

| Updated Jan 10, 2024

We RVers love our dogs! Here are some of the best dog-friendly campgrounds across the United States that'll get your dog's tail wagging!…

Are you and your furry friend in need of a change of scenery? Look no further! Camping with your dog can be a fun and unforgettable experience.

There’s nothing quite like enjoying the great outdoors with your loyal four-legged companion by your side.

To help you plan your next adventure, we've compiled a list of 10 great dog-friendly campgrounds that offer endless opportunities for outdoor fun and relaxation. So pack your bags, grab your leash, and get ready to create FURever memories with your best friend!

10 of the Most Dog-Friendly Campgrounds

RVers are a dog-loving bunch, and many (if not most) campgrounds recognize pets as part of the family. As such, they welcome the whole family as long as they abide by their pet policy.

Some campgrounds, however, not only accept pets but also cater to them! They often include a main attraction like a dog park or pet care area that makes the trip as fun for your pet as for your human companions!

By the way, you should check out the 10 Best Pet Accessories for Camping with Your Dog and our RV Lifestyle Amazon shopping list of Bo's favorite RV pet supplies!

We also put the following dog-friendly campgrounds on this interactive map! Click the map and open the locations we've included. Please NOTE: We only put one dog-friendly KOA location and one dog-friendly Jellystone Location, but the links in their sections go to their main website to find a location near you.

1. Lake George RV Park

10 Best Dog-Friendly Campgrounds in the U.S. (2024) 1
Courtesy of

This family-friendly park certainly counts dogs as family! Their Charlie's Bark Park is a 2-acre off-leash recreation area that is a dog-lovers paradise. It features everything your four-legged companion could ever want or need.

With designated areas for both large and small dogs, a restroom, comfortable seating, an indoor dog wash station, and a pet treat vending area, this park has it all. Take your pup for a walk on the shaded trails or let them run wild on the huge synthetic turf play area.

For those looking for some extra fun and excitement, they also have a dog spray fountain and host agility events.

2. 4 Paws Kingdom Campground

Located in the scenic Foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina, 4 Paws is the first and only dog-dedicated campground in the US. It caters exclusively to canines and their adult human companions. They clearly made it their mission to create a true doggie kingdom for their guests.

They offer all the amenities that both dogs and humans could wish for, including a swimming pond, multiple off-leash play parks, an agility park, hiking trails, a doggie bathhouse with a grooming station, and more. All parks in the campground are enclosed with 4-foot-tall fences to ensure a safe and secure environment. 

3. Rovers RV Park

This long-term (30+ days) only park offers a serene, safe environment where you and your furry friend can unwind and enjoy the great outdoors.

At Rovers RV Park, your dog will love the much-loved off-leash area where they can run and play. And for you, the park offers endless opportunities for relaxation, from fishing or kayaking in the wetlands to sitting by the river and taking in the spectacular view.

The RV sites are large and spacious, providing plenty of room to enjoy those long summer evenings. The park also boasts a large communal greenspace and fire pit area, river walkway, and off-leash dog area, perfect for making new friends and building memories.

Your pets will love it here – and so will you!

4. Normandy Farms Campground (Foxboro, MA)

10 Best Dog-Friendly Campgrounds in the U.S. (2024) 2
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At Normandy Farms Campground, dogs are free to play at Freedom Tail Park. It's a sprawling 1.5-acre dog park, complete with agility equipment, a dog wash, and drinking fountain. Your dog will never run out of things to do.

But that's not all. If you need a little time to yourself, the campground offers day kennels in their Canine Coops. Your dog will be able to hang outside in the comfort of their very own custom Canine Coop, which is totally enclosed, including a roof, for your peace of mind.

These coops are unsupervised, but they make them as safe and comfortable as possible!

5. Yogi Bear's Jellystone Parks

Since this link goes to the main website – we selected Texas and found a campground with a dog park for you to explore on the map above. But you can use their location map on their site to find dog-friendly campgrounds near you.

The Yogi Bear Camps and Resorts are known for their family-friendly awesomeness. They are also pet-friendly as long as your canine companion is kept on a leash, but…

Some Jellystone locations offer a better dog camping experience than others. That's because even though the parks allow dogs, only some of them have dog parks.

So, while Yogi would be very happy about all the picnic areas and picnic tables everywhere, Huckleberry Hound may be disappointed at some locations. Dog owners should search the locations page and filter for “dog park” to find the best dog-friendly campgrounds in their franchise.

dog-friendly campgrounds

6. Riverside Campground & Cabins (Big Sur, CA)

If your pooch loves the water, they'll love Riverside Campground. Dog-friendly beaches, like Pfeiffer Beach, and hiking are only 10 minutes away. Plus, the pet-friendly campground is right along the Big Sur River.

While walking your dog on the beach, you can watch for whales! California gray whales migrate past the California coast twice every winter. In the summer, you can see humpback whales and, if you're very lucky, a blue whale.

The Big Sur Valley is home to one of the most impressive animals unique to North America: the California Condor.

7. Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground (Disney World, FL)

It's no surprise that a Disney campground is the perfect place for the entire family. Its pet-friendly campsites are just a short walk to so many fun activities. There's a swimming pool with a corkscrew waterslide, archery, horseback riding, canoeing, and more!

But what about Fido? Well, he's sure to have a good time at the Waggin' Trails Dog Park, which is a large off-leash area. Or, you can take him for a walk on the many dog-friendly trails.

Best Friends Pet Care provides day and overnight kennel care for guests traveling with pets. This allows them to have ample time to explore the attractions at Walt Disney World theme parks and destinations.

8. Sagadahoc Bay Campground (Maine)

When you visit the Sagadahoc Bay Campground website, you immediately see why it makes the list of dog-friendly campgrounds. Front and center is this message: “Pets Are Family Too. They Are Always Welcome At Sagadahoc Bay Campground.”

The “Sag Bay” Campground is located at the southern tip of Georgetown Island. Due to the frigid winters, the camp is not open year-round. But you can enjoy the stunning ocean views from May through October.

Pet owners can expect a standard dog policy, such as proof of rabies vaccination and leash requirements. Two pets are included in their standard rates. If you have more than two, then additional pet fees apply.

10 Best Dog-Friendly Campgrounds in the U.S. (2024) 3
Bo, out and about in TN.

9. KOA Campgrounds

Members of Kampgrounds of America (KOA) have access to over 500 locations across America. Many of which have KampK9. You will find the dog park facilities at KOA Journey, Holiday and Resort campgrounds.

The fenced KampK9 area offers a safe and designated space for your dog to run and play off the leash, complete with cleanup stations and fresh water.

Some KOA locations even have separate areas for large and small dogs, so your dog can socialize with other canines of its own size. In addition to the convenience for your pet, KampK9 also provides comfortable seating for humans.

We don't have ALL the KampK9 locations on the map, but we did put one on there for you to consider in Nebraska!

10. Mackinaw Mill Creek Campground (Michigan)

If you've followed RV Lifestyle for any amount of time, you know how much we love Michigan and especially the Mackinaw area. The Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping is one of northern Michigan's most popular campgrounds. It's very family-friendly and offers dog-friendly camping.

Camp Mackinaw provides several dog exercise areas for their four-legged guests. These areas are conveniently located across from the Park Store and near the Bridgeview cabins.

It's important to note that the pet exercise areas are not fenced-in dog parks. So, pet owners should still plan accordingly. In addition, they also allow dogs on the Starline Mackinac Ferry shuttle to Mackinac Island, as long as they are on a leash and under control at all times.

Is This the Best Dog Park in America?

We're going to get to some great dog-friendly campgrounds in just a second. But we wanted to share this short video of one of Bo's favorite places in the country!

We visit a lot of dog parks as we travel the U.S. But one stands out. It's the Orion Oaks Dog Park in Orion Township, MI. It's been one of Bo's Happy Places… and ours, too!

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January 04, 2024at4:31 pm, Dill Jord said:

We’ve heard great things about 4 Paws. Many clients and friends have enjoyed taking their furry friends there.


January 09, 2024at12:28 pm, Charles Hamilton said:

We’ve been going there since 2018 with our two labs. It is the best campground for you and your pups. It’s over 100 acres of canine gun and exercise.


February 07, 2023at9:22 am, Deborah Beck said:

I’m so glad you listed 4 Paws. We have been there several times and just love it. They really do cater to dogs.


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Thanks for the feedback, Deborah! Team RV Lifestyle


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