The secret is the perfect Tee pee shape that keeps the wood burning

RVers and campfires go together.

Campfires are a great way for people to congregate, have fun, and spend time together. It’s hard, in fact, to imagine an RV adventure without a campfire. I can spend hours gazing at the flames. It’s a way to decompress, relax and enjoy the out of doors.

But when the fire varies in intensity, smokes a lot, or requires a lot of tending, the fun factor diminishes pretty quickly.


The steel bars break down into two 13-x-13 inch pieces for easy storage in an RV

So check this gizmo out… the FIREase Campfire Builder,  a professionally welded and coated steel bar that goes in the fire circle on top of the kindling and starter materials and keeps the logs and fire wood in that perfect teepee shape. No more falling logs or wood that collapses on each other. The way this device keeps the wood upright, you get a perfect campfire that starts easy and burns hotter, longer and more efficiently than ever before.

This unit separates into two pieces for easy storage in the RV with the rest of your camping gear. It takes just seconds to reassemble the half-inch thick bars and it weights five pounds and is 13 x 13 inches. You could also use this in a fixed firepit at home.

So popular are these that many campgrounds have bought them and then rent them out to their campers for use each night.

This cool campfire tool helps get the fire started very fast and because the wood is always positioned upright for maximum ventilation, the wood burns in a very attractive way, with the smoke tending to go straight up rather than to the side.

Anyway, with this gizmo, I am pretty much guaranteed to have great campfires everytime.