Ever since we were broken into last May, Jennifer and I have been looking for just the right security system for our RV. And now that we have a new puppy, it’s even more important, because there will be times we leave him alone in our Roadtrek motorhome and we want a way to keep tabs on what is happening when we’re not there.

We have found the solution. Here’s our How We Roll video:

We’ve ended up with the Canary Security System for our Roadtrek RV. It is a complete security system in one device. It’s marketed as a home security device but it works just as well in an RV. All it needs is AC power and a connection to the Internet, which is provided to us by the Verizon Jet Pack MiFi Mobile Hotspot.

The Canary device works through a free app and it provides live, wide angle streaming video and audio. We set it up before we leave the RV and we can use our smartphones to check up on what’s happening and how Bo is doing from anywhere.

Setup could not be easier. You first download the Canary app – free from Google Play or the Apple App store – and then plug in a black power code. This automatically turns the unit on,  you don’t have to push any switches or anything. Then, following the instructions on the app, you plug in a yellow cord between the Canary and the audio jack on your smartphone. You are then prompted to enter the password for the Wi-Fi. That does it, pairing the Canary to your Internet Wi-Fi network. You then unplug the yellow cord and shouldn’t have to use that again. The Canary is activated.

Now in a home situation, you’d leave it plugged in and “on” all the time. Your WiFi data at home is unlimited,

In an RV, though, most of us do our best to control data usage. So we only turn the unit on for the times we are in need of it, when we go out to dinner, when we leave the dog alone while we take a short hike. The unit does consume data and since we just got ours, I have not had the opportunity to see exactly how much it gobbles up on a typical trip. I’ll update this after I have had some more experience with it.

Bo in RT

A still lifted from the streaming video of Bo our RV

Something else we realy like about the Canary: It provides realtime readouts of the temperature, humidity and air quality so we can be sure the AC is working.

The Canary camera sensors and memory adjust to normal conditions… like when Bo moves from the front to the back. But when something unusual happens… if he gets too rambunctious or an intruder enters – it will send an instant alert to your smartphone. You help it “learn” by entering in tags, or short descriptions of the video that is saved when an alarm is triggered.

If a real emergency, say a real breakin, you can activate an ear piercing siren from your smartphone that will sound the alarm… and you can even program it to call authorities wherever you happen to be.

Canary records the video, too, which you can then download. And it keeps a running list of when it was activated and when you come and go from the vehicle. An you can tien the audio and video off for complete privacy.

The cost is $200. There are premium fees that you can upgrade to that archives your video, a feature more suited to fulltime use in a fixed residence. Since we are in an RV and only use the Canary from time to time while traveling, I’ll stick with the free service for a while. The Canary is available everywhere, from Verizon stores, online at Amazon and at most big box stores.