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Jennifer’s Tips: Keep Your Dog From Running out of your RV

Jennifer's Tips: Keep Your Dog From Running out of your RV 1

According to survey on our Facebook Group, almost 70 percent of all RVers travel with pets, most often a dog.

But one concern many of us have is how to keep our pets secure while traveling, or from bolting outside when we open the RV door.

Lisa Gruner, of Huntsville, Alabama, shared a tip with me about how to handle the situation.

“I use the table support from the table to hold our dog’s leash because he’s a runner,” Gruner told me. “He wants to run right out the door as soon as you open it.”

As Gruner points out, RVers need not necessarily set up the entire table – just the support. Then slip the leash right over it.

“And I know he’s not going anywhere, and that helps a lot,” Gruner said.  “We’ve been using it seven or eight years now and it works.”

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