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Episode 141- Lise’s Story: Finding Empowerment and a New Life in an RV

| Updated May 24, 2017

They say that up to 20% of all RVers are solo travelers, many of them single women who find fun, friends and great adventure out on the road. So it is for our interview guest this weekend, a woman named Lise, who, after three decades of marriage and a difficult divorce, suddenly found herself alone and uncertain of what life had in store for her. So, as she shares in our interview of the week, she bought an RV and took off, pushed out of her comfort zone and finding a new sense of empowerment.

Also this week, listener questions, lots of RV tips, traveling tech advice and a great off-the-beaten-path report.

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Show Notes for Episode #141 May 24, 2017 of Roadtreking – The RV Podcast:


Episode 141- Lise’s Story: Finding Empowerment and a New Life in an RV 1

Like a lot of people, I like sleeping in darkness. And with all the technology in today’s recreational vehicles, that can be challenging. That’s because of all the glowing LED indicator lights that are shining to tell us various things are on and operating normally. [spp-timestamp time=”5:15″]

We’ve talked before about how to cover them up easily at night and a listener named Wade has about the simplest suggestion we have had yet!

He suggests getting white electrical taps from a hardware store, using a hole punch to cut out a little circle, and then just sticking that little circle of white tape over the glowing LED.

Problem solved

Our listeners are the smartest people. Thanks Wade!

And be sure to send me your tips and suggestions for the RV lifestyle. You can use the “Leave Voicemail” link at Just click it and then use the built-in microphone on your computer or mobile devise to record a message to me. You can do it over as many times as you want, until you are satisfied. And then you just click a button and it comes right to my email inbox.

I love hearing from you!

Jennifer's tip of the week is brought to you by RadPower Bikes (www.RadPowerBikes.com_… an electric bike manufacturer offering direct to consumer pricing on powerful premium electric bikes. Now with free shipping!


Peggy is a new RV owner and wants to know about the wisdom of purchasing High End Motorsports Sunshades for all the windows. [spp-timestamp time=”9:20″]  She asks if just the windshield shade is sufficient or should she get sunshades for all windows. Mike recommends their windshield and front side shades but then suggest she buy a roll of Reflectix and make her own for the other windows. The material keeps out the heat in the summer and keeps the heat in during the cold camping months. Here’s a video we did on how to use Reflectix in your RV. By the way, to use Reflectix in the summer it should be placed on the outside of the windows so as not to bounce back the sunshine to the glass interior. Just add double stick Velcro to fasten around the outside windows when you have stopped. The windshield sunshade from High End Motorsports can be stuck up on the inside.

Michelle writes: [spp-timestamp time=”14:13″]

We have been vacationing for 3 years of retirement all over the country. But we are finding the call of the Gulf Coast pretty difficult to resist. We have loved “camping” in the off-season. Usually heading south we do find ourselves overnighting somewhere mid-States: Kentucky, Tennessee area–Daniel Boone National Park a number of times. And our miseries seem to start there. You never see them–but about 2 days later the most unmerciful, unrelenting itching starts around the ankles and calves of your legs. I have to guess that they also get on the dogs, as they will also be itching and when you pet them my fingers will find little welts. It has taken me until now do diagnosis that this must be chigger bites. We come from Wisconsin–so we do have them somewhat in the summer in sandy areas. But these seem to always catch us by surprise—we'll camp that first night in areas that I would normally think are too cold at that time of the year—bammmm. We are miserable for over three weeks. I would expect to get these bites down in the sandy areas of the Gulf Coast but there it does not seem to be as terrible–some but not like those mid-States. So, are regular repellants effective against chiggers that we will have to remember to spray at the beginning of our travels? Especially on legs and maybe the poor dogs on that first night of a walk? Suggestions please…

DEET is one of the most effective bug repellents for use against chiggers and other mites. Apply the repellent to your exposed skin, especially on the hands, arms, and legs. Off Deep Woods spray, Sawyer Premium Clothing Insect Spray and Sawyer Maxi-DEET all promise to work well against chiggers. Available at sporting goods stores, outfitters and even many pharmacies.

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We’ve talked before about the importance of choosing healthy food for your pet. Unfortunately, a lot of bad food is being sold on the market. Pet food recalls are much too frequent. Like us, I’m sure you are concerned about finding safe and healthy food for your dog. [spp-timestamp time=”32:06″]

Episode 141- Lise’s Story: Finding Empowerment and a New Life in an RV 2Last week while we were exercising Bo at the Fort Walton Beach, FL off-leash dog park, we got to talking with one of the women there. She worked as a vet tech and she told us about a public service website that is designed to help pet owners make more informed decisions about buying dog food.

It’s called and it’s motto is “Saving Good Dogs from Bad Dog Food.” The website has researched, reviewed and rated more than 4,500 dog food products. The website knows who actually makes each dog food, the company’s recall history and safety practices.

They teach how to read labels and correctly interpret the nutritional content. They also report where the ingredients come from, which additives are safe and which ones are toxic. And they promptly list all pet food recalls. You can even sign up to get an email about them as they happen.

It is so important for you to know what’s actually in your dog’s food — before you buy it. And this website, which is privately owned and maintained and is not affiliated in any way with the pet food industry, is the best way Mike and I have found to be sure that what we feed our Bo is the best food available.

Check it out. I think you’ll agree.

This part of the podcast is brought to you by Dozers Dental Chews, an all natural and healthy treat your dog will love. Available direct through Amazon , Retailers and Pet Shops across the USA


We’ve talked before about solo travelers, often single women, traveling across North America in their RVs. This week’s guest in our interview of the week is a recent solo traveler. Her name is a Lise and after her multi-decades long marriage ended bitterly, she found herself alone and wondering how to make a new life. A year ago, she bought a new Roadtrek Class B RV and found a new sense of empowerment that, we believe, will be a great inspiration to many as she ventured out past her comfort zone. Let’s meet her. [spp-timestamp time=”26:09″]

The interview of the week is brought to you by, where every new or used Roadtrek motorhome is delivered to the customer free, anywhere in the country


Three stories this week… [spp-timestamp time=”38:50″]

  • Record Travelers expected this Holiday Weekend Read More
  • Pickup towing trailer has roof ripped off by winds on I-90 Read More
  • Millions of senior Americans are living too frugally, according to a new study. Read more

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By Steve Van Dinter

Verizon Wireless

Episode 141- Lise’s Story: Finding Empowerment and a New Life in an RV 3
Steve Van Dinter

Summer is almost here and for the school age, that means a few months of care-free fun. Today I’ve got some app suggestions that’ll keep them entertained (and stretch their brains a bit). [spp-timestamp time=”46:53″]

First up…one I know parents will like – Chore Check. This free web-based tool and app allows parents to log in and create a list of things that need to be done and to assign them to their kids. Then once done, they’re checked off. For a little added fun, you can also make some of the chores “stealable” and the first child to complete them gets the bonus money associated with the chore.

Next…what happens when you make education a game? You get the app, Think! Think! Designed by Japanese mathematicians, these brain games are designed to be challenging and fun. With more than 30 games in all, your children will never get bored. And they won’t spend all day on it either as the app will remind them once the daily time limit is met.

When rain puts a damper on the day’s fun, have the kids check out the website Story booth. On the site, children are encouraged to share their story in their own voice and submit. The best ones will be chosen to be animated and then appear on the website.

And finally something I used to love to do as a kid – Mad Libsonly now there’s an electronic version. It’s like Choose Your Own Adventure meets comedy hour. With Mad Libs, you have a seemingly endless number of stories to choose from but the best part is you fill in the blanks by answering questions ahead of time. You’ll blindly add in nouns, verbs, adjectives and even photos. Then the app goes to work filling the blanks of its story with the pieces of speech you chose. Not only will this have your kids rolling on the floor with laughter, but they’ll also learn the basic parts of speech along the way.

This part of the podcast is brought to you by Verizon, which operates America’s most reliable wireless network, with more than 112 million retail connections nationwide.


Episode 141- Lise’s Story: Finding Empowerment and a New Life in an RV 4

This week we talk about the Curse of the UP… black flies. [spp-timestamp time=”50:38″] See my video report here –

June and July along the Lake Superior shoreline is where they are the worst.

This part of the podcast is sponsored by Steinbring Motorcoach, Roadtrek’s newest dealer and a third generation family business in suburban Minneapolis built on quality motohomes and excellent pricing and service.

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Mike Wendland

Published on 2017-05-24

Mike Wendland is a multiple Emmy-award-winning Journalist, Podcaster, YouTuber, and Blogger, who has traveled with his wife, Jennifer, all over North America in an RV, sharing adventures and reviewing RV, Camping, Outdoor, Travel and Tech Gear for the past 12 years. They are leading industry experts in RV living and have written 18 travel books.

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