10 Best Selling RV Lifestyle Books, Guides & Courses

rv lifestyle books

10 Best Selling RV Lifestyle Books, Guides & Courses


RV Lifestyle Guides & Courses

Between our YouTube channel, blog, free guides, and podcast we give 99% of our material on the RV Lifestyle away for free for you to use and enjoy.

However, there are RV Lifestyle Books, Guides & Courses that we’ve put a lot of time and effort into creating to help you shortcut the process of learning in a few areas.

This resourceful material will be sent to you via email and are fully designed and edited so that you can download and start reading immediately on your phone, tablet, computer, or e-reader.

PLEASE NOTE: Guides are download only and NOT available as a physical copy.

RV Renting School

Looking to rent out your RV to make some extra cash or to help cover some of your monthly payments. This course will be exactly what you need. It’ll cover all of the ins and outs of renting your RV from how to find clients, protect your investment and make it as easy as possible. Click the link below to learn more now!

The Beginner’s Guide to Boondocking

rv lifestyle guide to boondocking

The Beginner’s Guide to Boondocking gives you a detailed look into our preferred way of RVing and traveling. Boondocking is camping totally self-contained with no commercial power, water, sewer, or any other on-the-grid service.  We get questions every day of other RVers wondering “How do you do that?” In this step-by-step guide, we show you exactly how to boondock in your RV!

RV Buying Secrets

We created a 70+-page downloadable digital guide to help you understand the nuances that come with purchasing an RV, where you can save thousands of dollars in the buying process, what the right questions are to ask dealers, what things to look out for, how to select the right unit, amenities, warranties, and so much more!

7-Day Travel Guides

Each of these ebooks is a seven day guided exploration of a scenic area of the US that we’ve explored and think would make an excellent RV trip.

In each location, we provide a suggested route and itinerary (7 stops in each guide, one for each day of a week trip!) as well as links to multiple campgrounds and boondocking spots, local tips, and interesting things to do at each location.

You can hit everything in seven days, do a whirlwind weekend tour, or you can take your time and explore the area over a 2+ week period.

Planning an RV trip can be very time-consuming so that’s why we’ve done the research for you! Just take our guides and use them, we’re sure you’ll have an RV trip for the ages!

Upper Peninsula Travel Guide

To us, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula has a certain magic to it. It’s been a place where we can get out into the wilderness and enjoy the quiet. Or to park our rig right up onto the shore of a beach and listen to the water from the Great Lakes.   

Use our guide to make sure you get the most out of your time in the UP! 

We cover a lot in the guide, including:

  • Historic lighthouses and islands on the Great Lakes
  • A famous lock system still in use
  • The glass-bottom boat tours along the national lakeshore
  • Great hiking, scenic waterfalls, and historic townsites 
  • Kitch-iti-kipi “The Big Spring” (a 40-foot deep, crystal-clear freshwater spring)

Southern Utah Travel Guide

Between the sheer size of the National Parks, the history written in the red rocks that rise like towers jutting out of the ground, and the delicate hoodoos washed away by erosion, Southern Utah is a breathtaking area. 

Use our guide to make sure you get the most out of your time in Southern Utah! 

We cover a lot in the guide, including:

  • Scenic hikes to natural arches, overlooks, and waterfalls 
  • One of the most beautiful State Parks in the US
  • The surprising orchards of fruit nestled in one of the National Parks  
  • A “must-do” hike in Zion National Park, walking up a stream in a slot canyon

Yellowstone National Park Travel Guide

Yellowstone National Park is on the top of every RVers bucket list. A place so majestic, so wild, and so big that it calls us to return, to explore, to get to know the diversity of its land and animals over and over again. 

Use our guide to make sure you get the most out of your time in Yellowstone! 

We cover a lot in the guide, including:

  • A spot called “America’s Serengeti” where you can see the most wildlife in Yellowstone
  • The best geyser basins to explore and short scenic hikes 
  • How to experience the full grandeur of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone 
  • Two bonus days covering Grand Teton National Park and Cody, WY 

Adirondack Park Travel Guide

Although it’s not a “National” Park, New York’s Adirondack Park is immense. It’s greater in size than Yellowstone, Everglades, Glacier, and Grand Canyon National Parks combined.

With a mixture of public and private land, the park allows for conservation and civilization to thrive. There are about 3,000 beautiful clean lakes in the region, surrounded by lush forests. As well as mountains scattered about with dog-friendly hiking trails and dozens of small charming towns to visit. 

Use our guide to make sure you get the most out of your time in the Adirondacks!  

We cover a lot in the guide, including:

  • Exploring a former Olympic village and historic Olympic sites 
  • Tours of a Great Adirondack Camp once owned by the Vanderbilts 
  • Numerous hiking trails and the best views for fall foliage 
  • Multiple waterfall hikes through steep, lush green glens 
  • The park voted “America’s Best State Park” in 2015 

Colorado Travel Guide

When Jennifer and I first went to Colorado, I felt like I finally understood what John Denver meant in his song, I was “coming home to a place I’d never been before

When you find yourself amongst the snow-covered peaks and rich history that Colorado has to offer, I’m sure you’ll feel the same. 

Use our guide to make sure you get the most out of your time in Colorado! 

We cover a lot in the guide, including:

  • A beautiful drive up a peak through alpine forests, mountain reservoirs, and rugged rock face 
  • Hiking trails among the towering vertical, deep-red sandstone formations in the Garden of the Gods
  • The wildlife sightings, alpine wildflowers, and jaw-dropping views on the “highway to the sky”
  • The world’s largest hot spring and a lake suspended on the edge of a cliff 
  • Hiking through the amazing archeological cliff dwellings of the Ancestral Pueblo people 

Florida’s Gulf Coast Travel Guide

rv lifestyle guide to florida's gulf coast

RVers may wander far and wide but it’s true for most of us that we end up with some favorite “Go-To” places – places that draw us back again and again.

For us, Florida’s Gulf Coast is one of them. 

Stretching from the Gulf Islands National Seashore near Pensacola to the west and going all the way up along to Clearwater, Naples, and beyond – this is an area of contrasts.

The ritzy, expensive main drags in many major cities are interspersed with quiet, tranquil places and the most glorious sugar-sand beaches we’ve found anywhere in America.

This guide covers:

  • The best places to go “day camping” along scenic undeveloped beaches
  • Multiple freshwater springs to go “spring-hopping” like the locals
  • Our favorite FL state park beaches and campgrounds (including one that bills itself as “The Best Kept Secret Along the Forgotten Coast”)
  • An area that has the world’s best shelling beach

From “The Historic Coast” of St. Augustine, to “The Space Coast” in Cape Canaveral, and “The Treasure Coast” of Port St. Lucie – the Atlantic Coast of Florida has something to offer for everyone.

With the Spanish history of massive forts and pirates, cattle ranching “cracker cowboys”, the epic ingenuity of the Kennedy Space Center, as well as immense amounts of wildlife between the ocean, estuaries, rivers, springs, and lakes – the Atlantic Coast blends together to create an amalgamation of experiences and cultures ripe for RV exploration.

Florida’s Atlantic Coast does not disappoint… we hope you’ll take the time to see for yourselves!

This guide covers:

  • One of the best wildlife viewing areas in Everglades National Park
  • Two of the best Florida State Parks we’ve found on the Atlantic Coast
  •  Florida’s first “Dark Sky Park” – a premier location for stargazing and the largest freshwater lake in Florida
  • Crystal-clear freshwater springs in Ocala National Forest

The drive through the Keys to Key West makes for a bonafide tropical road trip, with spectacular beaches, numerous natural attractions, wildlife sanctuaries, and plenty of fresh seafood from nearby roadside shacks.

With so many interesting bits of history and natural beauty packed into such a small area, it’s no wonder that snowbirds will find themselves spending months enjoying and exploring the Florida Keys!

This guide covers:

  • The best State Parks in the Keys including beaches, scenic hikes, snorkeling, and kayak trips!
  • Three gorgeous days in Key West including the best way to see the city, numerous museums and scenic spots, the best beach in Key West!
  • A trip out to one of the most remote National Parks in the US  
  • The biggest mistake we made when visiting Key West and how you can avoid it!

Ultimate 7-Day Adventure Guide Bundle

Get All 8 of Our Travel Guides for a Discount!

Get all of our personally curated 7-Day Adventure Guides for one low price! This bundle includes all of these guides:

  • Yellowstone National Park
  • Michigan’s Upper Peninsula
  • Southern Utah
  • Colorado
  • New York’s Adirondack Park
  • Florida’s Gulf Coast
  • Florida’s Atlantic Coast
  • The Florida Keys

Each guide covers things like what to do, where to boondock, camping spots and the best places to visit. Along with tons of insider information, you’ll be sure to enjoy on your next adventure! 

rv lifestyle books
10 Best Selling RV Lifestyle Books, Guides & Courses