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Campskunk’s back on the road in a new RV

| Updated Oct 5, 2014

After many long months, I was finally able to give my captors the slip and am now safely across the border at Port Huron and proceed west a few miles to the town of  Lapeer, Michigan. The natives are friendly, milk is down below $5 a half gallon, and I even saw some grits in the hot cereal section – instant Quaker grits, but it's a start at least.  I feel a whole lot better.

Kim Jung Jim
Kim Jung Jim

It was only through the most devious methods that I was able to free myself from the fiendish grip of Kim Jung Jim, the reclusive leader of this tiny, isolated country. I got stopped and searched at the border crossing and they grabbed my tomato, but after a seemingly interminable wait in the security building, we were able to get back in our old unit and proceed. We both heaved a sigh of relief as we passed through the gate in the barbed wire.

escape3Just in time, too – the winter weather is fast approaching. As I'm sitting here in the Wal-Mart parking lot (see above photo) swapping all my stuff from the old rig to the new one, it's low 40s for a high and intermittent rain – that cold, driving rain that sends people scurrying across the asphalt, headed for shelter.  I see snow on the radar in northern Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.   Nothing that will stick, but the long slow slide toward the yearly ice age has started.

escape1The leaves have been changing for weeks up here, and the formerly sunny weather is unsettled as front after front blows through. I was getting anxious as the days passed, knowing full well the horrors of November and December from my previous imprisonment.  Those leaves falling now will soon be covered with snow. No wonder they have Thanksgiving six weeks early in the north – any later and they'd never get that turkey defrosted.

Looking down the main aisle at the factory.

My long hours of labor on the shop floor are only a memory now as I settle into my new unit and rearrange my possessions in their new home. There's so much more room in the Sprinter body that the cabinets are half-empty. I may have to move things around just to avoid rattles.  One great thing about the new Roadtrek is the Alde heating system – 40 degrees and raining is normally miserable weather, but inside it's toasty and dry, even with all the door opening and closing as we move. Fiona the Fearless Kitty is VERY happy with the floor heating. Her under-the-bed sulking palace also has a little radiator of its own, so she's most comfortable under there.

This is Mike Kelly's office. Mike is a genius at exotic parts and materials acquisition, so we're willing to overlook a few housekeeping deficits. If you need a left-handed fromajoodle, Mike will have it for you by lunchtime. Where he gets this stuff we'll never know.

The Roadtrek production floor workers were most accommodating as I finished up. Marianne the decal queen fixed me up with the proper insignia, meticulously aligned and installed, and the paint shop guys made sure the new unit was smooth and sparkly despite all the fabrication indignities it had endured.  The interior glowed – cleaning and pre-delivery preparation was so thorough they kept finding my stashes of fasteners and stuff I had squirreled away in case I needed extras. The dash kit (wood decals around the radio and instruments) was so beautiful that Sharon just couldn't believe it when she saw it.  They're all really great people to work with, and I'm going to miss them as I lie around on the beach this winter 😉




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Published on 2014-10-05

11 Responses to “Campskunk’s back on the road in a new RV”

October 10, 2014at7:34 am, David said:

Looks great! I know we will never be able to afford an RV. Be safe and enjoy your travels!

Keep us posted.

October 08, 2014at4:00 am, Karl said:

Congratulations Campskunk on your new Roadtrek! I was looking at the image of your ‘trade in’ and was filled with awe. How did you manage to keep it so neat all the years you owned it? Especially the more since, as I understand it, you were out in the open most of the time and not sheltering the unit in a protected garage. Did you wax your unit? If so what brand of wax did you use and how often did you wax it?

Any advice, to a neophyte like me, as how to maintain the body of our Roadtreks, as well as you seem to do, would be most welcome.


October 08, 2014at5:48 am, campskunk said:

Karl – i use plain old Turtle Wax, and wax it every three months or so. here’s an article i wrote about how i keep it clean while fulltiming:

October 10, 2014at3:04 am, Karl said:

Thank you for the information, Campskunk.


October 07, 2014at6:20 am, Fable Fox said:

Congratulations on your new home!

October 06, 2014at11:12 am, Steve Harmon said:

I agree with Gary Hennes, that old unit belongs in the Roadtreking version of the Smithsonian for future generations to enjoy and learn from. People, in the future, a thousand years from now, are going to want to know about the legend of “The Campskunk”.

October 06, 2014at8:52 am, Diane said:

Congratulations, Campskunk and Sharon (and Fiona), but I must also relay my disappointment. I “grew up” with the innovations and upgrades of your Chevy. I feel like a part of me has died. I wish you the best of luck with your new rig and hope someday I will finally get to meet you somewhere on the road.

October 06, 2014at11:12 am, campskunk said:

well, remember that we owned it for 7 plus years, and fulltimed in it for over four. we were slap up against the weight limit, so there was not much else we could add to it. it’s going to a good home.

October 06, 2014at3:43 am, Dean said:


Good luck and safe travels. I hope to some day have an SS model.


October 05, 2014at5:15 pm, Gary Hennes said:

You got to keep the old unit even. I thought they would require that in trade to put in the archives. It must rank right up there in the annals of history with some of the 1970’s models they have sitting around the plant.

I don’t know how Kim Jung Jim is going to get along without you. I’m sure that new RT is well-deserved and well-earned. Enjoy and prosper, and in good health in your travels. Look forward to hearing more from y’all in the future.

By the Way, if you need a free spot to park in solitude in northern MN some summer, let me know. Of course, you may sustain some “MN pinstripes” from the brush on the “road” on the way in!

October 05, 2014at9:03 am, Ms. Minimal said:

Lovely, I aspire to one day own one of those beauties! Heated floors? Indulgent!

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