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Jennifer’s Tip: Seven Life Hacks for RVers

This week I have a whole bunch of tips. I call them Life Hacks for the RVer…. little things that can make a big difference. I have seven of them, life hacks I’ve either learned herself or been taught by others.

1) Get rid of yucky odors – Want to quickly freshen up the inside of your RV? Maybe there’s a stale smell or it’s been sitting idle for a while? Tape a dryer sheet over the AC vents and turn it on for a few minutes.

2) Sop up trash can messes – We all have trash cans in our RVs. We also use a plastic bag in those trash receptacles. But sometimes, spills happen. Put old newspaper at the bottom of your trash can – inside the plastic bag – to absorb food juices that may spill.

3) Dirty clothes deodorizer – When you are on the road, where do you keep your dirty laundry? Try keeping a bar of scented soap in the same compartment as your dirty laundry. It will help the clothes smell a lot cleaner than they are.

4) Look better in photos – Here’s one we learned from some photo classes. When you are taking a photo of someone – or someone is taking a picture of you – your smile will look a lot more genuine if, instead of just smiling, you also squint your eyes. Try this. It really works!

5) Junk food fire starter – Here’s one Mike learned. If you can’t find any ready kindling wood to start your campfire, use a handful of Doritos. Really. They burn just like kindling and can get a blaze going very fast.

6) Microwave pizza trick – Here’s a good tip about rewarming leftover pizza. To keep the crust from getting chewy when you warm it up in the microwave, put a little water in a glass and put it right in there on the carousel with the pizza.

7) Keep bananas longer -When you are on the road and you buy some bananas, you usually need to buy a bunch of four or five of them. Then they all get ripe in a day or so and you end up throwing them away. Next time, wrap the stems where they all connect with plastic wrap. This will keep them fresh for a week or more. Then you just cut the bananas off as needed.

Got some tips of your own? Share them in the comments below,

8 Responses to “Jennifer’s Tip: Seven Life Hacks for RVers”

December 27, 2019at7:02 pm, Jean pierre warren said:

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Repurchsed Twice With no More success
CAN U help
JP warren

May 14, 2019at10:17 pm, Ronn A Greengas said:

Love the tip for keeping the trash smelling good. But, what’s a Newspaper? 🙂

May 14, 2019at10:27 am, Lin Warren said:

Would you please send me the link to order your 7 day Utah Trip, Thanks

May 13, 2019at12:54 pm, Sharon Childress said:

I missed seeing your Sunday night show last night, May 12th. I hope Jennifer had a nice Mother’s Day.
Hope you are back next Sunday night.

May 12, 2019at9:13 am, doug said:

re: bananas – or just pull them all apart and layout with stems at alternating ends.

May 12, 2019at8:53 am, Carolyn said:

I rewarm pizza in the convection oven and it will taste just like fresh!

August 06, 2017at12:40 pm, rhiebert said:

#3 works fantastically – even when just traveling with suit cases by car or air.

December 20, 2015at12:38 pm, Mycopsycho said:

Some very useful tips. One is never too old to learn something new. Will definitely try the banana trick. We heat up leftover pizza in an iron skillet with a cover. Makes it nice and crispy.

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