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Save Big with an EFS Fuel Card for RV Travel

| Updated Jan 2, 2024

An EFS fuel card for RV travel can save you big every time you fuel up! Here is what we learned about it.

If you travel in your RV as much as we do, you must get a headache every time you see your bill. We spend a lot on fuel.

Over the years, I even had the thought, “As much as we travel, surely there must be a way to get a discount on all this diesel we buy?”

It never felt fair that people who fly a lot get to have a frequent flyer member program. What is there for us RV folks that reward us for our frequent traveling?

Then I heard about the EFS fuel card, what it can do, and what it can’t do. Here is what we learned about it.

What is the EFS Fuel Card?

At its most basic, the EFS Fuel Card is a debit card that is exclusively used for buying and saving on diesel fuel.

Originally created for use by truckers regularly hauling freight from coast to coast, the EFS Fuel Card is actually pretty handy for RVers, too.

The company wants as many customers as possible. This way, they can negotiate the best prices for all their customers, including the bulk-freight truck drivers who use it the most.

Important To Know

Save Big with an EFS Fuel Card for RV Travel

The EFS Fuel Card for RV travel only works for diesel fuel, not gasoline. So if your vehicle takes gas, unfortunately, this card isn’t for you.

It operates like a debit card since the company links to your bank account. Each time you pump, it deducts the amount directly from that account.

So you need money already in that account in order to use it. Unlike a credit card, you can’t spend money you don’t have with the promise to pay it back later.

Many find that very convenient. With a debit card, you don’t have to deal with monthly bills to pay on time or incur a fee or get saddled with fluctuating interest rates.

Credit card companies often boast a program where you earn points the more you spend. This card does not have this, but features something even better. Major savings.

The Big Advantage To Having an EFS Fuel Card for RV Travel

The main advantage is the savings you can get on every gallon you pump.

Saving any amount per gallon certainly adds up and helps your overall budget. Some of the larger RVs typically need to pump 75 gallons at a time or more!

So if you use diesel fuel, your savings can be astronomical if you’re fueling up a lot. There is a daily limit of 950 gallons a day, though I can’t imagine that being a problem for anyone I know!

The cool thing is that you’re accessing the same discount that these large freight companies receive. So no matter your vehicle’s size, you’re paying the same discounted rate on diesel as a big rig.

There’s also the convenience factor. You can use the EFS Fuel Card at 16,000 truck stop centers, including big names like Love’s and Petro.

The card even works in Canada, though the discounts are bigger in the US. The card we suggest below though, TSD (now called Open Roads), requires a US Bank Account with US Currency. 

How It Works

Save Big with an EFS Fuel Card for RV Travel 1

The card advertises saving on average 30-40 cents per gallon.

But you can earn an even bigger discount if you use the card’s smartphone app. It’s called EFS Card Control app.

This is how it works. The app shows participating locations on a map along with how much it costs per gallon at that moment.

Looking at the app, it seems really easy to identify which stations have the most affordable rates. The best prices are color-coded, so you can’t miss them. This helps because there can be more than a few options where you’re driving.

Sometimes to get that best discount, you may have to drive a tad out of your way. But it sounds pretty worth that minor inconvenience if you can save $50 on your bill.

Once you choose which station to visit from the app, you pull into a pump in the truck lane.

Don’t go into the passenger lane to pump. You must use your card in the commercial lane, or you won’t receive the discount.

Then, at the pump, insert your card to charge. It will ask you what type of vehicle you’re driving, and you would select “Tractor.” RV isn’t typically a listed option.

This menu even offers cash advances up to $200, much like when you’re at a grocery store and can get cash back when you use your debit card to pay.

You then pump your diesel normally. Keep in mind that the price on the pump is the non-discounted, full rate, but don’t worry.

You will see the amount you actually paid later. Check your app or see the amount deducted from your bank account to see the actual amount you paid with savings.

It’s also worth noting that a way the card company makes money is by charging a 10% fee on your savings. So, if you’re saving 50 cents a gallon, you’re actually saving 45 cents because the company takes that as its fee.

Also, some stations charge a 65-cent flat fee to use the EFS Fuel Card. Since that is a one-time charge on the whole bill of a couple of hundred dollars, that seems pretty negligible to me.

How To Apply for an EFS Fuel Card

Save Big with an EFS Fuel Card for RV Travel

If you live life on the open road, this card probably sounds very interesting to you. If you want to apply, here is what you need to know.

There isn’t just one company making an EFS fuel card for RV travel. But the one we hear about the most is the TDS Logistics one that is now called Open Roads

It might be worth checking other companies for their features, though, since they may change by the time you look.

For applying, it’s pretty basic and easy. Allow around a month for the company to process your application.

There isn’t a credit check, but they do ask for your social security number. This is only to ensure they can collect the money on the fuel you pump in case you overdraw your bank account.

Do You Use an EFS Fuel Card for RV Travel?

Please share your experience in the comments below if you use an EFS Fuel Card for RV travel? How do you like it? How much money has it saved you? While you are over on the Open Roads website, take a look at their partnership with Innovative Toll Solutions.

Mike Wendland

Published on 2024-01-01

Mike Wendland is a multiple Emmy-award-winning Journalist, Podcaster, YouTuber, and Blogger, who has traveled with his wife, Jennifer, all over North America in an RV, sharing adventures and reviewing RV, Camping, Outdoor, Travel and Tech Gear for the past 12 years. They are leading industry experts in RV living and have written 18 travel books.

37 Responses to “Save Big with an EFS Fuel Card for RV Travel”

January 03, 2024at10:50 am, KAREN CAWTHON said:

Is it worth it if you have a fifth wheel and not a Motor Home? We would not be putting in as much diesel a day as requested from what I am reading. We use Gas Buddy and get a discount this way.


January 03, 2024at9:40 pm, Angie McFaddin said:

We have a 5th wheel and use it for fuel in our truck. It has saved us a bunch of money but we travel a great deal. It’s very convenient and easy and you still get rewards from the stations.


January 02, 2024at9:18 am, Peter Donaldson said:

Also the app is called Open Roads not EFS Card Control


January 02, 2024at1:43 pm, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Thanks Peter – but it does say that in the story (that the name changed to Open Roads). Happy Trails! Team RV Lifestyle


January 02, 2024at8:43 am, JEFF WINKLER said:

I use an app called MudFlap – same concept – locations that accept MudFlap seem more prominent in the MidWest – saves 35-75 cents/gallon – direct debit from bank account – I love it!!!
Same details as mentioned above: need to fuel at truck fuel islands, need to go inside to show them your MudFlap code


January 02, 2024at11:30 am, Laura Angle said:

We’re in northeast PA and use Mudflap. There are not many stations if you travel I-95. We went to FLA last year and didn’t use it once. 😞


January 02, 2024at1:00 pm, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Thanks for adding this to the conversation, Jeff! Team RV Lifestyle


October 29, 2022at3:58 pm, Peter Baumann said:

How I sign up for a RV EFS fuel card


July 17, 2022at11:28 am, Jon Kvernmo said:

I routinely use the EFS/TSD card to fuel our diesel pusher. I have not attempted to track cost savings, because of lots of potential variables. However, from observation while traveling, it looks like we are paying less than we would at retail pumps, and I consider the convenience of pumping at the trucker stalls a significant bonus. As has been pointed out earlier, it’s faster pumping and much easier to maneuver. We’re just under 60′ with the toad, and need a 70′ circle. Getting stymied is a pain. Generally I have fueled at Love’s. I did fuel up in Corning, CA recently (Rolling Hills Casino/RV), and because it’s on indian reservation land, it’s less because taxes are less. It was comparable to what we were paying with the EFS card. From a peace-of-mind standpoint, we seldom let our 100 gallon tank go below 1/2. For that matter, that’s our policy on all our vehicles.


July 19, 2022at5:11 pm, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Thank you for sharing, Jon. It is helpful to hear others experiences. Team RV Lifestyle


January 02, 2024at12:24 pm, Marlene Krick said:

I have not applied for the EFS/TSD card since I feel very uncomfortable
giving them my social security number…bank account too…I never give out my social security number.
Anyone else feel the same?


May 04, 2022at7:50 pm, Neil Stranden said:

Can Canadians use this sevice? We don’t have a US SIN. Only a Cnd SIN. I can get a Harris US bank account through my CND affiliate BMO.


May 05, 2022at2:06 pm, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Hi Neil – That would be a better question for the company. Mike doesn’t work for them – so wouldn’t want to steer you wrong. Team RV Lifestyle


March 10, 2022at5:48 pm, Robert Berggren said:

I have not been able to use my card because it tells me to check with the administrator or something like that. I have not been able to use it since last October . I have not been able to check back with you since then. I would like to know if my account is still open with you and why I can’t use my card. M


March 11, 2022at8:08 pm, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Hi Robert –
I think you accidentally contacted the RVLifestyle instead of the company. You will need to contact the company to get to the bottom of this. Mike Wendland just wrote an article on the card as a journalist/influencer. He does not work for the company so has no ability to help with this situation. Good luck with getting it sorted out! Team RV Lifestyle


March 10, 2022at5:47 pm, Robert Berggren said:

I have not been able to use my card because it tells me to check with the administrator or something like that. I have not been able to use it since last October . I have not been able to check back with you since then. I would like to know if my account is still open with you and why I can’t use my card. My account number is 708-305-0030 to 43637 118my phone number is my phone number is 931-624-1606 . my email is berggren r w at I will be driving from Florida to Tennessee next week and I really need your savings . Please call me quickly.please call me soon.


February 20, 2022at9:41 am, Clinton Coffman said:

When I use this fuel card is all of the taxes included in the price I pay?


August 03, 2021at11:27 pm, Running from Gnats said:

We just completed a 7500 mile trip out west towing a bumper pull with our F-250. The EFS card saved us over 14% on fuel costs at stations in the program, totaling about $90. We did make use of other stations such as Costco (some do carry tier 1 diesel), which did come in at a lower price plus the 4% savings when using their CC. Costco pays back 4% and Sam’s Club pays back 5% when you use their cards at their respective gas stations AND any other station that reports as a fuel purchase.


March 11, 2022at8:09 pm, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Wow – that is significant. Thanks for sharing! Team RV Lifestyle


July 31, 2021at11:13 am, Peggy Coffey said:

We have used the EFS card for almost two years and saved a significant amount of money. The big problem we find is that since we full time, we are often out west and the stations that accept the card are few and far between. Also, their app is the worst on the internet. It works sometimes, it’s down most of the time. They need to fix that asap.


June 21, 2021at10:49 am, William Thomas said:

Is there a minimum? My truck only has a 20-25 gal tank and I usually only pump 15-20 gals at a time


August 03, 2021at11:23 pm, Running from Gnats said:

No minimum. You may have to go inside after filling to get a receipt. Make sure you pull out of the way (away from pumps) before going in for the receipt. Have to let those big trucks fill up and keep on rolling.


June 05, 2021at2:07 am, How To Budget For RV Travel To National Parks - 2boomersandababy said:

[…] course, there are ways to cut these costs down. You can research the difference in fuel costs by state and plan ahead for when to stop, such as in […]


April 02, 2021at9:03 am, Barbara said:

We use our card all the time while traveling and even at our local TA just to fill up the truck. It’s been a great savings for sure. We have never encountered any issues using the truck lanes to fill up either. We found this card to be most beneficial!


March 11, 2022at8:10 pm, Team RV Lifestyle said:

thank you, Barbara! It is good to hear how it helped. Team RV Lifestyle


April 01, 2021at10:30 am, Bonnie said:

We have used the EFS card for several years to fill our diesel coach and have saved hundreds of dollars. We average 30 to 40 per fill up. We do keep a separate account at our bank just for fuel. It is not attached to our main account. This helps us to track easier, provides some security, and is free.


March 11, 2022at8:10 pm, Team RV Lifestyle said:

thanks for posting, Bonnie. It is helpful to hear the feedback and that is a lot of money. Team RV Lifestyle


April 01, 2021at9:57 am, George said:

I use the TSD Logistics card and find it very rewarding. I use it exclusively at TA/Petro/TA Express Travel Centers. I receive a greater discount at those fuel centers than at any Gas Buddy, other truck stop, or discount fuel location. Yes Fritz, truck centers have higher advertised diesel prices than GasBuddy discounts. I monitor my mpg, fuel range, and TA/Petro locations. Then, I plan my fuel stops ahead so I am able to utilize the greater discounts more effectively. When I am further away from Interstates and TA/Petro locations, then I use the GasBuddy card. But, Gas Buddy limits me to $75.00 in purchases a day and usually only a five-cents per gallon discount. I find this not very rewarding. I will pay about $2.42 per gallon at my next fuel stop in a day or two.

I find truck stop fuel centers are more spacious and much easier to maneuver through while towing my fifth-wheel. Also, I can add DEF at the pump and do not need to carry around a DEF container. Which I have been told can go bad if not use soon after opening. I like that I can weigh my rig at Cat Scales and wash the my at Blue Beacon Truck Washes. Thank goodness I have not had to use any but, repair centers and mechanics are at each stop, too.


March 11, 2022at8:12 pm, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Thanks for the insight, George! Team RV Lifestyle


April 01, 2021at9:46 am, David Penman said:

My concern about getting into the “truck line” is that we would encounter gas pump hose nozzles that are too big to fit in our gas tank opening. We’ve run into this several times already… even though we have not been using the card…


July 15, 2021at10:10 am, Elva said:

We use the EFS card whenever possible. We add all TA stations to our route as they offer the BEST discounts, however we have received discounts at QuikTrip as well, and every penny helps in our MH fillups!


April 01, 2021at9:42 am, steve said:

Hi Mike! I just got my TSD card last week. I think a major benefit is to be able to not only use the truck lanes, but also pay at the pump. Without this card, from what I hear, you have to go inside to pay with regular debit or credit cards. The faster I can fuel up and get out of the way of the semi’s the better!


March 11, 2022at8:11 pm, Team RV Lifestyle said:

thanks for sharing, Steve! Team RV Lifestyle


April 01, 2021at9:07 am, Stephan K said:

When I mistakenly in the past pulled into the truck lane, the pump’s spout is too big and does not work on our Wonder. We use the car lane for diesel.


October 17, 2022at10:43 pm, Brian Beatty said:

TCS through FMCA is being discontinued by the end of the year.
But even then I felt I could use my Costco card for field and get a consistent 4% back vs a questionable discount I may or
May not have gotten.


April 01, 2021at8:17 am, Fritz Maiser said:

I have the TCS card thru FMCA. I found that the savings are illusionary. The stations that give a discount have the highest prices and that GASBUDDYS APP finds lower prices. Also the.stations that participate are few and often way off my path.


March 11, 2022at8:11 pm, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Appreciate the feedback, Fritz. Team RV Lifestyle


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