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Yan’s Roadtrek Get-Together – Day 2

| Updated Sep 15, 2013

jacquelineSaturday was an unstructured day, true to the vision of our spiritual leader, Yan. Everyone woke up, had coffee, and wandered off in different directions to explore the area, or just hung around and entertained themselves and each other.  Nobody's running around with a clock and a schedule organizing activities. People socialized, napped, and just did what comes naturally.

I got to meet and talk to several folks, including some new Roadtrek owners just getting adjusted to their vehicles. A mid-80s Versatile showed up with the original tan paint job – the owners had just downsized from a Class A a few days ago, and were delighted when we told them where the fresh water fill is (back door sill, driver's side). They got very little information when they bought their unit, so there's much discovery ahead for them.

Yan concocting the secret chili recipe.
Yan concocting the secret chili recipe. Note the T-shirt sales display. Yan's modeling this fine garment himself.

Yan got busy selling the official get-together T-shirts, and also started a batch of his famous chili. When pressed for the recipe he demurred, saying he goes into a trance and the spirits guide him in ingredient selection – sounds like a dodge to me, but he's our spiritual leader so there's not much point in pressing him on this issue.   The official T-shirts are a big hit. Sharon is a little thrown off, since I'm usually the only person within miles wearing a tie-dyed T-shirt, and she's looking out the window at several such outfits on people wandering around, not all of whom can be me.

neldaleejerryNelda Lee and Jerry's Roadtrek is a major socializing spot, just like last year. Here they are with Esther and Kitte, telling stories which Jerry assures me are 100% true.  In the photo, Esther's dog Amber is finally getting some well-deserved attention, the poor deprived thing. People are hanging out in small groups throughout the day, and the dogs are making the rounds too – we must have at least 20 dogs in attendance, and most are as eager to meet and greet as their owners are. Very few fights in either species were observed.

potluckThe pot luck dinner contributions well and enthusiastically attended, with everyone from both group campsites converging to hang out and chow down. Yan dispensed some words of wisdom, we all hit the buffet,  and then all sat around enjoying the gathering evening and the companionship of fellow Roadtrekkers.  We had a wide variety of excellent main courses, salads, and desserts. Many regional cuisines were represented.

foodFor those of you who didn't attend, there are a few T-shirts available, and you can still get these T-shirts from Yan – contact him via Facebook to see if he has your size. I also heard rumors of a third get-together, provided Yan receives appropriate spiritual guidance. I sure hope he does – the whole bunch of us had a wonderful weekend. Effortlessly and without excessive organization  😉



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Published on 2013-09-15

21 Responses to “Yan’s Roadtrek Get-Together – Day 2”

June 25, 2014at3:48 am, Melissa Rockhill said:

I’m buying an Rv within the year or next! But for sure! Stoked about it 🙂

June 24, 2014at10:17 pm, June Bond said:

Are there any rentals of these in the Mid-Atlantic area? My brother would like to rent one to see how he likes RVing. Many thanks!

June 24, 2014at9:50 pm, Yan Seiner said:

Ross B Marvin III: we have no rules. Come on by. You’re welcome to hang out with us. We won’t laugh at you unless you come in a coat and tie. Unless its tiedyed in which case it’s OK.

June 24, 2014at6:19 pm, Cesar Bucago said:

I think you’re looking for one rick.

June 24, 2014at3:37 pm, Ross B Marvin III said:

I’m on a fixed income and have a Chevy van. Any chance someone like me could drop in on a Roadtrek event, and not be laughed out?

June 24, 2014at3:33 pm, Ginny Dugan Evans said:

Charles Davis, these are Roadtrek Motorhomes Inc. manufactured in Kitchner Ontario. This is a pic of various years at the gathering last year. They are ‘mostly’ self contained, fully loaded machines made just for fun! If you haven’t seen one…visit their web site and see for yourself. And no, I don’t work for them! LOL

June 24, 2014at2:11 pm, Charles Davis said:

like to know more about the vans , that is if possible …

June 24, 2014at11:40 am, Mimi Wolf said:

Looks like all of you had a great time. Wish I could of joined all of you .Saving to get one. Haven’t had any kind of RV a few years he passed . We wanted to get a new one when we were living in Florida. However we needed to return to NY and then he passed away. Now I am looking to get one and hit the road !!!

June 24, 2014at11:39 am, Yan Seiner said:

Less than 10 spaces left for this year! And the T-Shirt deadline is almost upon us.

September 17, 2013at11:01 am, Pramodh said:

Hello, Where can we find used Class-B RV’s in Texas, any suggestions.

September 17, 2013at9:00 pm, campskunk said:

there aren’t a bunch of used Roadtreks on the market at any given time. you may have to travel to get one – i did. best source is the RTI classiifeds : and the motorhome finds website :

September 15, 2013at6:01 pm, Maureen said:

The 21st century circling of the wagons…what fun….hope you took a group picture to share (with pets)! Happy trekking.

September 15, 2013at5:16 pm, Eve said:

It seems my question about what people do during the day sparked a whole lot of comments about how organizing some events during such a gathering so strangers have a chance to meet each other is not a good idea. However, those of us who are a little shy in a not very diverse group, appreciate those opportunities. But each to his own and it does look like you all had a wonderful time with your friends! Keep on trekking!

September 15, 2013at3:27 pm, Judi Darin said:

Yan I am begging for a third get-together at Silver Falls. On my knees, gazing skyward, trying to send spiritual guidance your way, which makes me laugh because I’m not so strong in the spiritual arena. It sounds like my kind of GTG. No bingo or sack races, or funny hat contests.

September 15, 2013at3:17 pm, Judi Darin said:

Must be
a colorful gathering!

September 15, 2013at9:18 am, Cheryl Gregorie said:

Fun, Fun, Fun!

September 15, 2013at8:18 am, Mike Wendland said:

Lets see what that T-shirt looks like!

September 15, 2013at9:26 am, Campskunk said:

yan posted an image of it here:

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