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Exploring 10 Coolest Caverns & Caves in Utah

| Updated Mar 13, 2024

Want to explore caves in Utah? Utah features the world's longest cave and so many other cool caves & caverns…

Jennifer and I love exploring all that Utah has to offer. We have visited hot springs and rock arches, but now we want to share the coolest caverns and caves in Utah! 

The following outlines the best caves in Utah that you do not want to miss!

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10 Coolest Canyons & Caves in Utah 

Utah Sign

We think Utah should be on everyone's bucket list. It's such a special destination with a wide range of unique scenery.

We have a Southern Utah RV Adventure Guide that we highly recommend, but it doesn't include all of these caves. So, you'll want to add in the ones that catch your interest.

1. Mammoth Cave

Located just east of Duck Creek Village, Utah, Mammoth Cave is one of the largest lava tubes in all of Utah. Its elevation is 8,050 feet, and offers over 2,220 feet of passages. 

Mammoth Cave is part of the Markagunt Plateau and was formed over time by flowing water and cooling lava. In fact, the cooled lava is only several thousand years old. That is young when it comes to geology timespans!

At first glance, the cave appears to be a large hole in the ground. But be sure to bring a good light! It is very fun to explore but becomes pitch black after the first turn. 

A final note for claustrophobic visitors. The exit is a small tube at the very end, requiring you to slide on your belly. If this is not comfortable for you, turn around and exit the cave the way you entered. 

2. American Fork Canyon

Exploring 10 Coolest Caverns & Caves in Utah 1
Mount Timpanogos Cave National Monument

Located near Highland, Utah, American Fork Canyon is more popular than ever for its excellent camping, fishing, rock climbing, and biking. It even features one of the coolest caves in Utah! 

The main highlights to see are Cascade Springs, Mount Timpanogos Cave National Monument, and the Alpine Loop Scenic Backway

Mount Timpanogos Cave National Monument contains Timpanogos Cave, Middle Cave, and Hansen Cave. All three chambers are connected through man-made tunnels. They are known for their crystal-filigreed walls, which are pink and white in color. 

The three caves also feature stalagmites, stalactites, flowstones, and underground pools. 

3. Moqui Cave

Exploring 10 Coolest Caverns & Caves in Utah 2
Moqui Cave Entrance

Moqui Cave is one of the neatest sand caves in Utah. This sandstone erosion cave in Kane County, Utah, maintains a cool 65 degrees Fahrenheit, even on the hottest summer days!

The site features a collection of Native American artifacts found in Southern Utah. They are from the inhabitants that frequented the area over 1,200 years ago. 

The interior of the cave features over 180 dinosaur tracks, as well as a large fluorescent mineral display. 

4. Bloomington Cave

Situated in the Beaver Dam Mountains, in Washington County, Utah, is the Bloomington Cave. The mountains are made mostly of Permian Age limestone, making for interesting cave systems.

Bloomington Cave is the most well-known and extensive cave in the St. George area. It consists of six different levels and narrow, steeply dipping floors. 

The length of the cave is 1.43 miles, which makes it the fifth-longest cave in Utah. 

5. Main Drain Cave

Main Drain Cave near Logan Canyon, Utah, is on my list for the coolest caves in Utah because it is the deepest. It is a vertical cave, bottoming out at 1,127 feet deep!

It sits in the Alpine Karst Glacier basin, at over 9,000 feet in elevation.

6. Nutty Putty Cave

The Last Descent Movie Poster

This cave is no longer open to the public following a fatal accident in 2009. But it's worth mentioning because of its unique history.

The cave was sealed after rescue workers could not save or retrieve the body of a spelunker trapped upside down in a small passage. The collapsed cave now serves as a tomb for the young man.

A film about the tragedy titled The Last Descent, produced by James Halasima, was released on September 16, 2016.

7. Duck Creek Ice Cave

Situated in the quaint town of Duck Creek Village, Utah, Duck Creek Ice Cave is one of Utah’s limestone caves that remains cool all year round.

If you visit during summer, you can expect the cave to be about 40 degrees Fahrenheit. There is not always ice present inside when temperatures are high outdoors. 

The cave itself is a small, one-room limestone cavern. There are no amenities, but it's only a short hike to the cave.

Walking roundtrip from the parking lot to the cave entrance only takes about a half-hour. Despite being a small cave, it is still one of Utah’s interesting ice caves!

One interesting fact about this cave is how it was used during the pioneer days. When traveling through, they would store their food inside to preserve it. 

Check and call ahead as many months they are only open on the weekend.

8. Kanab Sand Caves

Exploring 10 Coolest Caverns & Caves in Utah 3
Sand Cave

Outside of Kanab, are some of the more unique caves in Utah. That’s because they are man-made! 

They were created when people began mining in the area. Although the mining was short-lived, it left behind these cool caves. 

They're located 5 miles North of Kanab, Utah. They are right off Highway 89, which makes it a nice pit stop as you travel through the state.

9. Crystal Ball Cave

Crystal Call Cave is a natural limestone cavern located in Gandy, Utah. The cave is surrounded by desert, and not far from the Great Basin National Park. 

Although it is under control of the Bureau of Land Management, Crystal Ball Cave is managed by Jerald and Marlene Bates. That means there is no fee charged for entry, but donations are appreciated. 

You might also want to check out the Bate Family Ranch. The site offers rustic camping, and is a short drive from Mt. Moriah Wilderness, Deep Creek Mountain Range and Wild Horses. 

10. Little & Big Brush Creek Cave

Located high on the south slope of the Uintah Mountains, Little and Big Brush Creek ice caves are only 5 miles apart. The cave mouths can be difficult to access depending on current trail conditions and weather.

Unlike mineral formations of stalagmites and stalactites you see in other caves, these caves are filled with incredibly ice crystals and formation that change from year to year.

While the large cave openings can be cautiously admired, exploring further into its depths is extremely dangerous. The cave system has many hazards, including vertical drop-offs and high levels of carbon monoxide.

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Exploring 10 Coolest Caverns & Caves in Utah 4

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6 Responses to “Exploring 10 Coolest Caverns & Caves in Utah”

March 11, 2024at3:08 am, Richard Bridges said:

The Mammoth Cave in Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky is the longest cave in the world and is a traditional limestone cave. The Mammoth Cave on your list is a lava tube and as you say it is about 2220 feet long. Even your own list has Bloomington Cave at 1.43 miles long, so how could your Mammoth Cave lava tube be the longest cave in the world? I am not trying to be picky, as I appreciate your list and plan to see some of the caves listed on it, but I am sure you strive to be accurate. When I first read about the Mammoth Cave lava tube in UT on a USFS site, I was surprised as it is on USFS land and even I thought the name was confusing with the world famous Mammoth Cave National Park. By the way the longest lava tube in the world is Kazumura Cave in Hawai’i. “Kazumura Cave is a lava tube and has been surveyed at 40.7 miles (65.5 km) long and 3,614 feet (1,102 m) deep making it the longest and deepest lava tube in the world.” from Wikipedia.


October 10, 2023at10:19 am, Jason Woodhead said:

You may want to pull off Nutty Putty Cave from your list. A few years back someone got trapped and the body could not be recovered. It has been sealed up as a burial site.


October 10, 2023at1:45 pm, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Thank you for sharing this, Jason. We do mention that the site is sealed and make that clear. We just mention it here because it is one many have heard about. thanks, Team RV Lifestyle


June 24, 2021at12:02 pm, Michael Link said:

The longest cave in the world is actually Mammoth Cave, in Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky. The Mammoth Cave in Utah might possibly be the longest lava tube cave, which is the product of volcanic activity. Limestone caverns are created by dissolving limestone with water over many centuries, and create much larger caves, both in terms of length and volume.


June 24, 2021at10:52 am, Norm Randolph said:

Please add Timpanogos Cave National Monument in your next review of Utah caves. We REALLY enjoyed it during our vacation.

Cheers & Happy Trails



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