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10 Best U.S. Destinations for Allergy Sufferers

Are you an allergy sufferer?

While the battle to contain the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, continues, Mother Nature’s plans for the spring will go undeterred. 

Specifically, her plans to unleash a wave of pollen to ultimately turn our world a beautiful lush green for late spring, summer, and fall. 

With that beauty, unfortunately, comes misery for many in the form of horrible allergies. 

Our RV Lifestyle Fellow Travelers may want to consider hitting the road to a locale that offers relief in the form of higher air quality. 

That’s why I turned to the U.S. News & World report from 2019 (a new version has yet to be released), about the best places in the U.S. for allergy sufferers. 

In compiling the report, the organization relied on reports from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America’s (AAFA) Allergy Capital reports for fall 2018 and spring 2019

The report takes into account pollen levels, allergy medicine use, and the number of allergy specialists within a specific region. The report also takes into account median air quality for each area, based on the number of days with good quality, warnings for some health groups, and hazardous air quality, based on data from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

And while I realize the focus is on metro areas in this report, it will at least give you some idea of the best parts of the U.S. to try and find relief.

10. Salt Lake City

Air Quality Rank: 105

Salt Lake City ranks fifth-best for spring allergies and 10th for allergies in the autumn. Salt Lake City sees mild pollen levels compared with most of the U.S. The EPA reported a total of 33 unhealthy days for sensitive groups and generally unhealthy days due to air quality in 2018 (numbers from 2019 are yet to be released). 

9. Melbourne, Florida

Air Quality Rank: 22

Though on par with the national average, few people will need to turn to allergy medicine when visiting. 

8. Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs ranks in the top 10 on the AAFA lists for mild fall and spring allergy seasons. The area saw eight unhealthy days for sensitive groups due to air quality in 2018. 

7.  Spokane, Washington

Air Quality Rank: 32

Less allergy medicine is used in this eastern Washington metro area compared with the national average. Also, Spokane ranks 32nd for air quality out of the 125 most populous areas in the U.S.

6. Daytona Beach, Florida

Air Quality Rank: 26

Similar to other coastal Florida areas that make the list, the sea air and breezes help reduce pollutants in the air and help pollen dissipate once it’s in the air. That means allergy sufferers in both fall and spring have to rely on allergy medicine less than the national average, according to AAFA. 

5. Sarasota, Florida

Air Quality Rank: 12

Sarasota ranks 12th for air quality, and the EPA tracked 271 good or moderate days for quality in 2018. Spring pollen levels are average, but fall levels are much lower than much of the U.S.

4. Seattle

Air Quality Rank: 58

Rainier weather in the Pacific Northwest helps lead to plenty of foliage in and around Seattle, but allergies are not particularly bad. In both spring and fall, pollen levels in the Seattle area are below the national average.

3. San Jose, California

Air Quality Rank: 44

San Jose’s pollen levels are low compared with the rest of the U.S. in the fall and the spring. Of note, San Jose is one of few areas that has a better-than-average ratio of board-certified allergists per patient, according to the AAFA.

2. Boise, Idaho

Air Quality Rank: 80

Boise has a smaller metro area and is near plenty of outdoor attractions — and all without fear of itchy eyes or runny nose. In fact, the AAFA reports show Boise is one of the best places to be for lower-than-average pollen levels in spring and fall. 

1 Portland, Oregon

Air Quality Rank: 3

Pollen levels are better than the national average and the EPA notes one day in 2018 when air quality was unhealthy for sensitive groups. 

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