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6 Best Short Queen RV Mattress Options

| Updated Dec 5, 2023

If you're looking for the best short queen RV mattress, you've come to the right place. Here's what to look for and the top picks on the market.

There's nothing better than a comfortable bed after a day of outdoor adventures. An RV bed can be a sanctuary, bringing you the luxury of home amongst a wild surrounding. But, one thing you need for that rest is a good mattress!

Typical RV mattresses come in smaller sizes than your typical home mattress, but they do not disappoint. You can find a great option that matches your personal preference if you spend a little time looking around. Or, you can scroll down to the list below that I've already researched for you!

The following is my guide to the best RV mattresses. Not only find out what mattresses are out there, and the key features to look for. I have included my top picks so that you can spend your time doing better things, like traveling!

The Best Short Queen RV Mattress (6 Top Picks)

The following are my top picks for your next best short queen RV mattress.

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Sedona Deluxe RV Mattress

One of the best features of this mattress is that you can customize it to fit the specific requirements of your rig!

It is slightly firm, but also has CertiPUR US Certified foam to fit the contour of your body. That means it will provide support, and pressure relief to help you get a good night's rest.

Finally, it features an organic cotton cover, giving it the look and feel of a very high-end mattress for a less than high-end price. Organic cotton also helps control your body temperature, keeping you cool while you sleep.

Brooklyn Signature Hybrid Mattress

This hybrid mattress from Brooklyn Bedding is constructed using both coil springs and high-density foam. This is your best choice for an all-around mattress that can support a majority of sleepers.

You can find a variety of odd and custom sizes.

The Plank Mattress

If you need a firm mattress, then look no further than this excellent option. You can flip the mattress between the firm and extra firm sides.

The Park Meadow Pocketed Coil Mattress

If you are not a fan of foam mattresses, then consider the Park Meadow Pocketed Coil Mattress. It provides extra support, which is great for those suffering from back pain.

This company can also fit you with a unique mattress size.

Brooklyn Wanderlust Memory Foam Mattress

This memory foam mattress is the best budget-friendly foam mattress you can find.

It is made from medium-firm high-density support foam construction as a base, with a memory foam comfort layer on top.

Elation Gel Foam Mattress

One excellent feature of this mattress is its premium support, providing comfort and pressure points relief.

This gel foam mattress also comes complete with an organic cotton fiber cover.

You can choose from different height options to fit your rig, although the standard size is 6′ thick with multi-layer support.

Key Features to Look For

Best Short Queen RV Mattress
Learn what to look for in a good mattress.

When looking for the right mattress, there are important factors to consider.


As outlined above, most RV materials are made from high-density foams, polyester, or springs. Gel-infused mattresses provide the most cooling relief for hot sleepers.

Look for a mattress that has thick, high-quality materials to support your body shape. But also one that can fit in the confines of your specific RV.


Be sure to measure your RV mattress space to get the correct size for your rig. Pay attention to odd-sized areas, or spaces where you might need a specific shape or low profile mattress.

So, don't forget to measure how thick the mattress can be, taking into account blankets. If you haven't purchased them yet, check out these 3 Best Bedding Solutions.

You can even contact your manufacturer to get the right size.

Warranty or Trial

Many manufacturers warranty their mattresses for at least 10 years. Ask about a warranty when shopping around.

Those same companies might also offer as much as a 120-night sleep trial for you to try out the mattress. That is a great option when trying out a new type of mattress. It gives you time to see how your body feels after using it for a while.

Types of Mattresses

Best Short Queen RV Mattress
Best Short Queen RV Mattress

When looking for a new mattress, you of course have to factor in your personal preferences. From different types of material to firmness level, there is no shortage of options to consider. The following are the main types of mattresses you can find.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Many consider memory foam beds to be the best option when it comes to a great night's sleep. Some even consider them to be the perfect mattress!

Memory foam mattresses are made from high-density foam and were originally designed by NASA engineers for astronauts traveling in space. Since its creation, memory foam has made its way into the mainstream market, making it one of the most popular options.

And for good reason!

Memory foam makes for an extremely comfortable mattress, featuring several layers of foam that contour to your body. Some mattresses are made entirely from memory foam layers, while others have a memory foam layer as a top layer only. Others are made from a special gel memory foam.

This type of mattress tends to have a cooling effect, helping to regulate your body temperature no matter how warm (or cool) it is in your RV.

Another good choice is latex mattresses made from latex foams. They also provide pressure relief by contouring to your body and usually offer a 10-year warranty.

There's a wide price range in memory foam mattresses so you can find one that fits your specific need and budget.

No matter which one you get, they are known for a few key things:

  • they can help regulate your body heat, keeping your body temperature cool if you are a hot sleeper
  • they mold to every body type or body weight, providing support for anyone (even side sleepers)
  • they have comfort layers that can pressure and prevent pain around joints
  • they prevent disturbing your partner by providing motion transfer resistance

Innerspring Mattresses

Another popular choice when it comes to an RV mattress is an innerspring mattress. This more traditional mattress features “pocketed coils” to make them much more comfortable than they were a decade ago. They make a great option for RV owners that do not care for memory foam mattresses.

Some pros to consider with innerspring mattresses:

  • they have excellent ventilation with their pocketed coil design
  • are highly durable
  • may provide superior body support than memory foam
  • feature motion transfer prevents disturbing another person while sleeping

What is a Short Queen Mattress?

Typically speaking, a short queen mattress measures 60″ wide, which is the same as standard mattresses. However, it is 6″ shorter, measuring 74″ long.

Short queen mattresses are designed to give two people enough room to comfortably sleep but are a little shorter to help maximize the interior space of the RV. Unless you are very tall, 74″ can fit most people's height comfortably.

While most manufacturers make mattresses with these dimensions in mind, you can also find some custom sizes or specialty shape mattresses to fit your unique RV needs.

Some RVs require angled mattresses or different sizes to fit against walls or other RV features. Or, you may need a mattress with a lower profile that is shorter than a typical mattress, to fit under other furniture when not in use.

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Do You Have the Best Short Queen RV Mattress?

Tell us about it in the comments below! Your advice can mean countless nights of comfort for others!

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Published on 2022-01-09

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