The most important part of an RV

 The most important part of an RV

It's the bed.

When all is said and done, how well you sleep -and how easy it is to get that bed ready for the night – is the make or break factor in RVing. At least that's what we've discovered in our brief experience so far.

The most important part of an RV 2We just returned from a short, cross-state weekend trip in our RV and got to try out a new bedding solution for the king sized bed that our Roadtrek has in the back.

It's called the RV Superbag and you can see Jennifer demonstrating it in the accompanying video.

We like to travel with the bed stowed away, into two sofa style seats, separated by a walkway and a storage cabinet. Some folks prefer sleeping on those. In that case, it's pretty easy to set up. Just toss a sleeping bag on each side and you're good to go. Jennifer and I, though, prefer a king sized bed. That's really not that hard to set up. Take down the cabinet, put it on the floor in the walkway, pull out a table top that stows under one of the sofa sections to bridge the walkway,  slide over a board for the very end of that walkway opening and then spread the cushions out. Easy job, done in no more than two minutes.The whole space is now a king sized bed area.

But on our first excursions with the Roadtrek last month, getting sheets and blankets on those cushions turned into a king sized bed was another matter. It was a wrestling match. To get a good fit, you needed to open the rear two doors and have one of us fit those ends under the cushions from that end, while the other tugged and pulled at the other end. If it was raining, it was miserable for the outside tugger. If it was dark, opening those rear doors attracts insects inside the RV. Not fun.

On our return, someone suggested on one of the RV forums we follow to try the RV Superbag. Think of a giant sleeping bag, with top and bottom sheets inside. In warm weather, there's a summer weight comforter on top, with the winter weight comforter on the bottom, serving as a mattress pad. If you're a cold weather camper, just turn it over and use the heavier side as a blanket.

With the sheets Velcro'ed inside, the bed is always made up. Just unroll it and toss it on top of the bed cushions and you're done/ The bed stays made. On your return home or on the road and a laundromat, the sheets are easily removable for washing. You can get them in different colors, from single to ultra-sized (that's one size bigger then king).

We got the king and an extra set of sheets.

We were really impressed by the comfort and quality. The standard sheets that come with the RV Superbag are 200 thread 50-50 poly/cotton. We upgraded to 300 thread 100% cotton. In our opinion, the upgrade was well with it. We also bought pillow cases.




Mike Wendland

Mike Wendland is a veteran journalist who, with his wife, Jennifer, travels North America in a small motorhome, blogging about the people, places, joys and adventure of RV life on the road at He and Jennifer also host the weekly RV Podcast and do twice-weekly videos on the YouTube RV Lifestyle Channel. They have written 10 books on RV travel.

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  • Most RVs are infamously hard to change the sheets on. I thought about your “sleep bag” idea, but for me, I would feel a bit claustrophobic inside any kind of a container.

    A bigger problem, IMO, is the mattress. We live full time in a fairly large motorhome. Trouble is, the mattress that came with the vehicle is painfully hard. Yes, it’s durable and still in good condition, but I just don’t like the pressure on my aching bones – not even with an “egg crate” foam topper. The bed is an “RV Queen Size” bed, shorter than normal queen size, which means that the standard queen mattresses that you can find on sale at your typical bedding stores won’t fit in our RV bedroom. Oh well…

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