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Best Portable Travel Safe for RVers (2022)

| Updated Jun 21, 2023

Looking for the best portable travel safe? Here is what you need to know and the best options on the market.

Traveling is for lounging in a beach chair or hiking a mountain. It is not for worrying about your small items or valuables that you do not want to lug around with you.

That is why getting a portable travel safe can save you stress, and protect your most valuable items when you are reading a good book in a lounge chair somewhere.

The following explains why travelers may need portable safes and what to look for in a portable safe. I also included my list of the best safes that you can find in today's market!

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What is a Portable Travel Safe?

best portable travel safe
What is a travel safe?

A portable travel safe is a small, pack-able device that can house and protect your valuable items. It is also called a portable safe box.

You can store your credit cards, cell phone, electronic devices, passport, and other important documents in a safe place. That way they are protected from being lost or stolen.

Most travel safes come with some sort of security element to keep your items locked up. They can include stainless steel wire mesh cages. Many are able to be attached to a fixed object in a room using a stainless steel cable.

They also come with a locking mechanism of some sort, like a combination lock, key lock, or biometric lock.

Reasons You Might You Need a Portable Travel Safe

Best Portable Travel Safe for RVers (2022) 1
Where can you put one?

When traveling, you never know if your hotel room will have a safe for you to use. And many people do not necessarily trust hotel safes.

Or, if traveling via RV, you may want to leave behind some valuable items when out enjoying nature for the day. You don't want to worry about material things while in nature!

If you take your own safe, you can have peace of mind when leaving behind your valuables.

Features to Look for in the Best Portable Travel Safe

Travel safes come in different sizes and even different colors. There are also other important features that can vary from safe to safe.

The important thing is that you find the right safe to fit your specific needs. You might need a large capacity to fit a 15-inch laptop. But another person may only need to leave behind a phone and credit cards.

Important factors to consider include:

  • Various security features
  • Quick access
  • Water resistant materials
  • Carry handles
  • Cable access port
  • Key access
  • Security cable

What is the Best Portable Travel Safe?

The best way to secure your valuables when you are out and about having an adventure is to put them in a secure place.

If you are looking for a reliable and compact portable safe, check out the following list. It is sure to have the best portable safe for you!

Best Portable Travel Safe #1 – Master Lock 5900d

This Master Lock portable safe is considered one of the best travel safes. This small safe can be secured to a fixed object with a cable.

It features a customizable combination lock system with a four-digit combination.

It also features an earbud/charging feature cable access port to keep your items charged while secured! That way you can enjoy your time out, but come back to fully charged devices.

It is water-resistant and made with shock-absorbing foam to keep times safe from impact.

Best Portable Travel Safe #2 Pacsafe Travelsafe

The Pacsafe Travelsafe is a good option when it comes to keeping your important items safe. Its compact design still has enough space to fit up to two 15-inch laptops.

This pack is made from 360-degree stainless steel wire mesh inside of a poly canvas fabric. That makes it highly cut-resistant!

You can lock it to secure features, and lay it flat if needed. It is also water-resistant.

Best Portable Travel Safe #3 Safego Lock Box

This convenient portable lockbox has received excellent safe reviews.

Made with a convenient, heavy-duty flexible steel cable to keep it securely attached to a secure fixture.

It is rust-resistant, water-resistant, and keeps your items safe from impact.

It comes with two different locking mechanisms. Program a re-settable 3-digit combination code or a unique key.

Best Portable Travel Safe #4 Aquavault Flexsafe

This safe was featured on the show Shark Tank! If you are a fan of that show, you may remember it.

This small safe is very easy to use and travel with. You can feel good about leaving it attached to your beach chair, bicycle, or anywhere in or on your RV. That is because it is made from five-layer slash-resistant, heavy-duty materials!

It also includes other extra features, like a belt loop for excursions, padded carry handle, and is constructed from RFID blocking and slash-resistant materials.

Best Portable Travel Safe #5 Safego Portable Lock Box Safe

This convenient option is one of the highest-rated safes online. Take it with you to the beach, pool, or national park.

It comes complete with a stainless steel cable to lock it to a stationary object.

It is rust-resistant, water-resistant, and impact-resistant to keep your items safe.

Best Portable Travel Safe #6 Pacsafe Metrosafe Anti Theft Laptop Backpack

Keep your laptop safe in a convenient, secure backpack. This backpack features three different lockable, external zipper pockets. There are a lot of options with this company.

It can also fit your laptop with two side pockets for water bottles or an umbrella.

Two internal, locking zipper pockets with RFID technology can hold other small items.

You can also take advantage of its key and wallet clip for your convenience.

The exterior can be easily clean since it is made from soft, durable, water-resistant, and wipe-able polyester.

Do You Use a Portable Travel Safe?

We'd love to hear your feedback and recommendations for the best portable travel safe. Please share in the comments below!

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