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Who says there aren’t deals out there?

I don’t usually write about the good deals I come across out there but a new listing on the American RV site caught my eye. It’s for a brand new 2012 Roadtrek 190 Popular.

New, it has a MSRP of $95,725.

Who says there aren't deals out there? 1Used, it has a NADA price of $87,680.

American RV in Grand Rapids, MI is selling this brand new model at $76,990.

That’s more than a pretty good deal: A brand new 190 that is more that $10,000 below the NADA used price!

The bargain pricing confirms something that is trending at many other RV dealerships right now.

This time of year – as the camping season winds down but still  before the snow and ice flies – is one of the best times to buy in northern climates. Dealers don’t like having to go through the winterizing process and keeping a lot of inventory out there on snow-covered lots.

So if you’re looking, now may be the time to get the best pricing…as the above deal reflects.

Again, I don’t normally write about deals offered by various dealerships, even f they are sponsors of this blog, like American RV. But this one is so far out of the ordinary that it warrants a news brief.


3 Responses to “Who says there aren’t deals out there?”

October 24, 2012at8:14 pm, Todd said:

Any idea how winnebago eras compare to the sprinter based roadtreks?

There’s a new 2012 winnebago era selling for $77,995.

I know the list price of eras are cheaper to begin with, but that sounds like a good deal.

October 24, 2012at5:27 pm, Stephanie said:

Is there a good source for finding bargains like this? I live in Virginia and that dealer is a bit far from me.

October 30, 2012at3:18 pm, Chad said:

Stephanie, Give Robert or I a call @ 1-877-863-9527 we would be willing to help offset the price of the airfare. Chad

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