We received a great tip from a reader named Anne who emailed us two tips that help tidy up the interior of an RV.

What Anne did was to purchase one of those tension bars that people use for closet organizers or even sometimes bathroom shower curtains. Ann set hers up across the back of the bathroom in the RV.The first tip has to do with wet towels and where to hang them.

She says she set it about an inch from the wall and that it is perfect for hanging those wet towels. They dry perfectly, she says…and out of the way.

That’s a photo of Anne’s up top

A second tip involves something available in various places like Bed, Bath and Beyond, Walmart and even some of those dollar stores. What she did was buy sock dividers. They’re normally used to keep socks neat in a drawer. But Ann uses them in her RV kitchen cabinet to keep drinking and wine glasses from falling over. Now, she says, everything arrives intact.

Thanks Anne for sharing those great tips

Sock organizers can be used to hold glasses

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