Apps to help you find fall colors

The annual fall foliage show is now underway as trees across North America begin turning color. I have some online resources available that can make your fall color RV travels even more fun.

The original fall foliage app is Leaf Peeper. It used to be heavily tilted only towards the New England area but now has reports from across the US. Users record their “peeps,” rating the fall color as turning, peak or past their prime. There’s a map that lets you zero in n specific areas. Free for Apple and Android devices.

The website has a handy fall color feature. Click on your region of the country and then and your exact location and you’ll get a map showing you the current conditions.

My absolute favorite app for this sort of stuff is Audubon Trees. This app has over 700 North American trees in its database and you can identify them by their leaves, cones, or seeds. There are places to add your own notes and you can pull up maps showing the ranges of various tree species. Only downside for this app – which works on all mobile platforms – is its $4.99 price.

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  1. Thanks, Tom, for sharing. I always wanted a Roadtrek but I did own a conversion van (Dodge) that I drove to FL…God’s scenery is beautiful anywhere you travel. I am a Life Member of Good Sam Club!

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