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Tiny Homes meets Micro Camping

The tiny homes craze has moved into the RV community with something called micro camping, and, in particular a lightweight bicycle camper than can be built for $150.

Paul Elkins is the inventor and he is quite the tinkerer and an expert small boat and shelter builder. He also shares his numerous inventions and his plans and has a huge following in the DIY community. The detailed bicycle camper plans are available for download for $20.

Or you can watch this video on the project, which shows step by step how he did it.

One Response to “Tiny Homes meets Micro Camping”

December 19, 2015at8:29 pm, Walt Huemmer said:

Very interesting, my wife says see you really don’t need your Roadtrek, you can just make one of these. While I think this would be an awesome project, I’m concerned about high crosswinds as I’ve hauled rv gliders upright on a trailer and believe me strong crosswinds are a handful. I can see this working better on designated rails to trails where the grade is very minimal. Fun stuff.

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