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New Decal Style on 2014 Roadtreks

| Updated May 14, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs you know, I'm being held captive by the evil Jim Hammill in the Roadtrek factory in Kitchener, Ontario, and want to get the word out on some of the changes taking place here that aren't pertinent to my own super-secret project I've been assigned to. I was strolling around the finished units lot, which is an exciting adventure in itself the way these new Roadtreks are being completed and almost immediately shipped off to dealers – you can get run over out here easily.

The Ranger RT gets an outdoorsy font.
The Ranger RT gets an outdoorsy font.

I did manage to get photos of the newest version of the lettering on the rear of the side panel identifying each model, and want you to get a peek at this new styling.  Gone are the pinstriping and big blocky lettering from the era of “any color you want, as long as it's white with blue/tan/purple/green trim”. Those days are long gone, especially since the new body paint colors came out.

Here's a 210 with the pinstripes - the only model that comes with them as standard equipment now.
Here's a 210 with the pinstripes – the only model that comes with them as standard equipment now.

The Sprinter units never had the pinstriping, and now the Chevrolet units have dropped it as well, except for the 210. It's a lean, modern, minimalist look, and I kinda like it.  Pinstriping is nice, but after a few years it starts to get a little ragged, and by ten or twelve years you're going to have a few chunks out of it here and there.   The move is to a lower-maintenance, more durable exterior look.

No more pinstriping.
No more pinstriping on the 190. They ship plain. You can get it added on as an option if you want it.

Several of the name decals are chrome-finish as well, which is a nice clean look and works well with the smaller size lettering being used. The 170 and Ranger are the only exceptions I found. One thing's for certain here at the Roadtrek factory – nothing sits in the same place for very long. Even just standing around, you have to be alert because people and things are going to be coming at you from any direction.

The type size is smaller than the old decals, and the word "Roadtrek" is absent on the side decals.
The type size is smaller than the old decals, and the word “Roadtrek” is absent on the side decals.

What do you think of the fonts? I suspected a civilizing influence within the Roadtrek corporate structure, and sure enough, a little snooping revealed that Karyn Torcoletti, Director of Marketing, was the main player on this decal project. She's been with the company since last year, and is already changing things for the better, marketing-wise. Jim Hammill has some redeeming features, I've been told, but esthetic sensitivity and elegance probably aren't among them, and he certainly benefited from Karyn's input here.

170Now, if we could only do something about Jim's haircut…  man, that thing is from another geologic era.

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Published on 2014-05-14

5 Responses to “New Decal Style on 2014 Roadtreks”

May 17, 2014at8:42 pm, Arl said:

I hope the no-decals option is still available (as a no-cost option when ordering). My RS has nothing on it except the usual MB badging and a small plate near the cab door that reads “Created by Roadtrek”. I’d prefer a Romulan cloaking device, but I suppose a screen for the slider is a logical technological precursor.

May 16, 2014at11:35 am, TrekerJack said:

Good move away from the pin-striping. Like the SS Agile – strong, contemporary, clean, sophisticated. Not really liking the others – too casual, not reflective of a solid high tech vehicle, seems more appropriate for toys (sorry Karyn).

May 14, 2014at8:47 pm, BettyR said:

I made my own with a visit to the fabric store and the hardware store for magnets. I also made some for the front windows. They are not fancy but work well.

May 14, 2014at2:19 pm, JanetA said:

This looks very nice. I do like the fonts.
Hey if you have an in with RT, how about a side door screen door. I am still researching creating my own.

May 14, 2014at2:55 pm, Campskunk said:

side screen doors would be wonderful, but so far the engineering solution has eluded everyone in the class B RV industry – one manufacturer offers it, but every time they demo one in a show, they’re torn up and off their tracks by the end of the first day. people tend to push straight ahead and the door goes sideways, and people are heavier than screen doors.

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