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Thinking Spring and The Wildflowers of Yellowstone

| Updated May 10, 2016

wildflowersYellowstone National Park is one of our most favorite places to RV in all of North America. It draws us back and its sheer size and beauty is breathtaking.

But as macro as the place is, it is also meant to be seen on the micro level, close up.

One of our trips there just happened to correspond to the height of the spring wildflower season. Every color of the palette was visible, in forests, meadows and sagebrush-steppe

The place was literally ablaze with wildflowers. We saw dozens of different varieties and colors. The National Park Service tells us that Yellowstone is home to more than 1,350 species. There is white mule's-ears and phlox, yellow arrowleaf balsamroot, blue penstemon and lupine, and Indian paintbrush’s glorious reds and oranges. Magenta shooting stars, purple sugarbowls, delicate white woodland stars and leopard lilies.

We  photographed as many as we saw. The result is this video.

You can see our longer video of our Yellowstone trips elsewhere on this blog but we couldn't resist sharing  the wildflowers of Yellowstone with you. I don't know the names of them. But I do know they are stunningly beautiful. I think you'll agree.

Mike Wendland

Published on 2016-05-10

Mike Wendland is a multiple Emmy-award-winning Journalist, Podcaster, YouTuber, and Blogger, who has traveled with his wife, Jennifer, all over North America in an RV, sharing adventures and reviewing RV, Camping, Outdoor, Travel and Tech Gear for the past 12 years. They are leading industry experts in RV living and have written 18 travel books.

28 Responses to “Thinking Spring and The Wildflowers of Yellowstone”

June 16, 2014at7:08 am, Sam Kercheval said:

Be there in two weeks…

June 16, 2014at12:52 am, Johnson Regina said:

This is a nice view.

June 16, 2014at12:14 am, Ramon Soto said:

Beautiful ,I wish I could go there some day

June 15, 2014at11:19 pm, Dan Phelps said:

My three sons and I will be there in 6 short weeks!!!!!!
CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!

June 15, 2014at11:04 pm, Susan Jones Rurode said:

Joanel Rurode Ryan Rurode Brittany Renee we need to see yellowstone in bloom! Maybe in a couple years???

June 15, 2014at10:51 pm, Rachel Linebaugh said:


June 14, 2014at7:00 pm, Vital Mercier said:

Très beau, a bientôt Yellowstone.

April 02, 2014at6:07 pm, Mary May said:

Wish I was there!

April 02, 2014at2:53 pm, Libby Vallee said:

Better wait until July or August if you want to see anything like this!

April 01, 2014at9:04 pm, Dan Cox said:


April 01, 2014at7:55 pm, Clara Hupman-Scott said:

I loved Yellowstone. Have pics. It was Labour Day in 2005? Snow on the tent both nights and a bear warning. Oh yeah, and thunder and lightning. Once in a lifetime.

April 01, 2014at6:18 pm, Jack Inman said:

Very nice if it doesn’t erupt

April 01, 2014at5:12 pm, Rebecca Murphy said:

Headed back up there this summer. Can’t wait!!

April 01, 2014at3:06 pm, David Booher said:

Very pretty . We were up in the area last May .

April 01, 2014at2:18 pm, Tina Moore said:

Obviously this was last year, the park is still covered in snow. But, it will be glorious when Spring arrives. I love the wildflowers in our neck of the woods.

April 01, 2014at2:17 pm, Melanie Smoote Mayekar said:

Can’t wait to go back.

April 01, 2014at1:58 pm, dianekfromohio said:

When were you there? I didn’t see when you were seeing this glorious flower arrangement? Love your posts!

July 02, 2013at1:29 pm, Stu said:

Very relaxing, I really dig flowers.

July 02, 2013at11:54 am, Susan Adame said:

Beautiful, Mike. Thanks for sharing.

July 02, 2013at10:52 am, Campskunk said:

hey Mike, you left all these flowers behind when you went back east – i’ll enjoy them in your absence. the wildflower season runs later up here at 10,000 feet – the lupines are just coming out now. an interesting thing is the army cutworm moth population – they migrate way up here in late June and early July to feed on the wildflowers, and the bears feed on the moths – they’re 70% fat, just the right snack for a bear trying to put on weight for the coming winter.

July 02, 2013at11:12 am, Barbara Worley said:

Mike truly enjoy your blog!!! Campskunk, I also enjoy little tidbits like the one you gave about the bears eating the moths. Would never have thought bears would eat moths.

July 02, 2013at9:05 am, Laura Robinson said:

Love the flowers and the beautiful piano piece, too!

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