wildflowersYellowstone National Park is one of our most favorite places to RV in all of North America. It draws us back and its sheer size and beauty is breathtaking.

But as macro as the place is, it is also meant to be seen on the micro level, close up.

One of our trips there just happened to correspond to the height of the spring wildflower season. Every color of the palette was visible, in forests, meadows and sagebrush-steppe

The place was literally ablaze with wildflowers. We saw dozens of different varieties and colors. The National Park Service tells us that Yellowstone is home to more than 1,350 species. There is white mule’s-ears and phlox, yellow arrowleaf balsamroot, blue penstemon and lupine, and Indian paintbrush’s glorious reds and oranges. Magenta shooting stars, purple sugarbowls, delicate white woodland stars and leopard lilies.

We  photographed as many as we saw. The result is this video.

You can see our longer video of our Yellowstone trips elsewhere on this blog but we couldn’t resist sharing  the wildflowers of Yellowstone with you. I don’t know the names of them. But I do know they are stunningly beautiful. I think you’ll agree.