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RV Recipe: Stovetop Asparagus with citrus zest


If you are looking for a quick, easy dish that can come together in a matter of minutes while adventure camping try this recipe.  It tastes great as a main dish, side side… or even a cold salad.

Prepare this dish using a galley or portable outdoor stovetop.  As an alternate you could prepare this dish in a heavy grill friendly saucepan or cast iron skillet.


1 lb raw asparagus

2 tbsp    freshly grated parmesan cheese (optional)

2 tbsp    olive oil

1              lemon or orange (juice and zest)

                salt and pepper to taste

optional:  1 cup cooked (bacon, chicken, ham and/or add a 1/2 cup of pecans, walnuts or pine nuts.


  1. Rinse asparagus, cut and discard the lower 2″ of the stems.
  2.  Cut asparagus on the diagonal in 1 1/2″ pieces, set aside.
  3.  Fill a medium saucepan  half full with water and bring to a boil.
  4.  Add cut asparagus to near boiling water (large bubbles at the bottom of the pan), turn heat down to a simmer.
  5.  Cook asparagus for 2 minutes then drain, add the asparagus to a serving bowl.
  6.  Toss the asparagus with (optional)grated parmesan cheese, olive oil and salt and pepper.
  7.  Add the juice and zest from 1/2 an orange or a lemon.                                                                                                 Note:  Serve as a side dish or add some cooked diced chicken, shrimp, bacon, steak and/                                                                or a half  cup of your favorite lightly toasted nuts.

Chef MJ

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2 Responses to “RV Recipe: Stovetop Asparagus with citrus zest”

March 02, 2020at10:44 am, Gloria Collier said:

Yum but I use broccoli or cauliflower instead of asparagus!

February 28, 2020at4:45 pm, Carol said:

This sounds amazing!! Thank you!!

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