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Solved: The Great RV LED Brightness Dilemma

It’s been an recurring discussion on our RV Podcast for the past several months about how to dim or block out all that bright LED light from the electronics and switches in our RVs so we’re able to sleep in the dark.

Listen up: here’s a tip from and RVer named Ken who sent us what just may be  the ultimate solution to the Great RV LED Brightness Dilemma!

The product Ken said is called LED Light Dims.

Solved: The Great RV LED Brightness Dilemma 1They come as stick on dots, squares and rectangles that cover up the offending light.

Amazon sells two types, one which dims the LED by about 50%, and another kind that dims by 100% – or completely blocking all light.

They cost about $8 for a package that will let you cover up just about any offending light in your RV or your home.

You can easily peel it off in the daytime and we’ve fund they can be re-used several times. Sure beats the strip of black tape that we used to know.

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