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What you need in your RV Kitchen

No matter what size RV you have, storage room is always at a premium.

And food preparation products and storage is one area every RVer needs to maximize for efficiency. That’s why we askedMary Jane Curry, a Personal Chef and the RV Recipes writer  for our RV Travel Blog, to help us identify the best products we can get that will save space and help us efficiently use the RV kitchen.

In this report, we visit her in her RV and she shows us her Must-Have Products for the RV Kitchen, how they are to be used and why she recommends them. Plus, she shows us around her RV kitchen and how she has organized things.

If you go to our RV Lifestyle gear page, you’ll find direct Amazon links to the exact products Mary Jane shows in the video.

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September 11, 2018at4:56 am, Muskietime said:

Great interview. Thank you.
Mike, appreciate you were able to “tough it out” to complete the interview.

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