A Day in the Life of a Roadtrek

rtsharigroendykoverlooking Lake Michigan in St. Joseph, with Lewis, our beloved RTOn June 22, 2013 – at sunset local time from coast to coast, across the U.S., into Canada, as far north as Alaska – 19 different Roadtrek owners took a photo of their Roadtrek.

Some were parked at campgrounds. Others in their driveway. Some drove to a special setting near their hometowns. I was at a rodeo in Cody, WY with mine.

The point was to get a photo of our Roadtrek motorhomes at sunset, wherever we were.

We’re thinking about doing this sort of thing a couple of times a year. Maybe for special occasions like the 4th of July (for Americans).

What do you think?

This little slide show shows what came of our first effort.

Should we do this again? When? Shall we theme the photos?

15 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of a Roadtrek”

  1. that’s great – nicely put together. i know nothing about video production, but i like what i see. i was at a disadvantage – i was in a N-S valley that was literally a mile deep in places, so the sun just goes behind the mountain, and you really can’t see the western horizon. and ginny’s didn’t look very dark, did it – what’s up with that? 😉

  2. Mike Wendland

    I slapped that together pretty fast and with very spotty Internet…. next one will be smoother.

  3. Great job Pro job putting it together. I will get a shot of my big honker Class A for the next one. It will take up two Roadtrek spots ! Loved the pictures. Hard to choose a favorite. Thanks Mike.

  4. Jim Diepenbruck

    That was fun Mike. Thanks for putting it together. I’ll bet even more will participate if there’s another one.

  5. shari groendyk

    Mike, that was so fun! And yes, really cool video presentation; I’d repeat that format for sure. We are kind of at the mercy of the the sun and how ‘showy’ it is on the given day, but seeing this first one, I think a lot of people will be motivated to get involved next time, and if you were to do one say, in the fall, it gives everyone a chance to think about where to ‘stage’ their Roadtrek ahead of time.
    Thanks for doing this!

  6. Great idea Mike. Does it have to be a Roadtrek brand to be in the pictures? Some rules? Maybe the sun should be in the sunset pictures?
    Let us know when the next one is due.

  7. Mike, Got busy and missed the deadline. Was doing ham radio Field Day last weekend. Can I give you a sunrise shot from Sunday morning? We were at the Calvert Marine Museum and the Drum Point LIghthouse was sure pretty in the sunrise. Was pretty busy on the radio at sunset. But got a great shot Sunday of the Supermoon. I’ll try to submit a shot for the next event in a timely manner. Great shots and keep up the good work. Dave H. 03c190p

  8. Sherry Hooker

    Thank you for the presentation and please continue making them. It was really lovely.

  9. I totally enjoyed this article. Being able to see where you all are is fun and isn’t it great that at this time in our existence we are able to do this !! /*

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