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How We Roll in our RV – Putting on make-up and finding a rental Roadtrek

| Updated Nov 30, 2013

In this edition of How We Roll in our RV, we tackle two completely different questions:

Jennifer answers a reader named karen who wants to know how the Roadtrek eTrek we have works out for her putting on make-up. Jen shows the mirrors whe uses along with a handy sticky pad called the Dash Stick that holds a magnifying mirror in place.

makeupMy question came from a reader named Maggie who asks about how to find a rental Roadtrek to try out, something Jen and I wish we could have done before we bought. If so, we would have purchased a Roadtrek a full year before we did. The best way to find rentals is through the Roadtrek dealer network. You can find the closest one to you through this link.

Here's our video:

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Mike Wendland

Published on 2013-11-30

Mike Wendland is a multiple Emmy-award-winning Journalist, Podcaster, YouTuber, and Blogger, who has traveled with his wife, Jennifer, all over North America in an RV, sharing adventures and reviewing RV, Camping, Outdoor, Travel and Tech Gear for the past 12 years. They are leading industry experts in RV living and have written 18 travel books.

8 Responses to “How We Roll in our RV – Putting on make-up and finding a rental Roadtrek”

September 09, 2014at9:30 am, Speedy Bear said:

Pomona in the bay area of California rents them , per a rental roadtrek I met a couple months ago

December 25, 2013at8:16 am, Bob Wangen said:

I can’t imagine living fulltime in a Class B either, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t any good. We have a 38 foot fifth wheel and live in it fulltime, but there have been times when I wish we had a small rig like a Roadtrek. I know Campskunk lives fulltime in his, but I agree with the comment that Class B rigs are for touring, not living. Mike, I do enjoy your posts and keep it up!

December 02, 2013at11:27 am, Kristi said:

Alright, you’ve convinced me Jennifer … I’ve just ordered Dash Sticks for myself for Christmas 🙂

In reponse to the comment by Kathy E. I have a Roadtrek, and I cannot see the fascination with a Class A. Sure it’s bigger, but that’s its problem. Where can you camp with a Class A? I’ve stayed in a couple parks surrounded by Class A and travel trailers, and that is the armpit of travelling in my opinion. If being surrounded by tin boxes is your thing … Why wouldn’t a Class A owner just buy a fuel-efficent car and several trailer homes and just park them in trailer courts at their preferred destinations? With a Roadtrek, I can go anywhere, camp anywhere. I often take mine down the dirt roads of a Nat’l Forest to the most idyllic, secluded camping & fishing sites; I have camped downtown Chicago, Memphis, Austin to take in world class music performances (incognito style); I can visit a friend 40 miles from home & share a bottle of wine and not worry about driving under the influence while camped out in her driveway; I can use my RT as a second vehicle and park it anywhere; I can take it to work and drive to the park on my lunch hour for a picnic lunch on the river and a short nap in the back. I can do all this while not breaking the bank on gasoline prices and the Roadtrek has everything I need: a toilet, a furnace, water, a generator .. everything within arms reach. If all I wanted to do was drive to a destination and sit inside and enjoy my space, one could do that with a Class A, and I can do that with my Roadtrek too, but that’s not sufficient enough reason to travel for me!

December 02, 2013at10:54 am, Judi Darin said:

To get back on the subject, Jen I like your “make-up” solution. I have a mirror with a suction cup but it keeps jumping off the wall! I too like wearing a bit of make-up to avoid looking like a ghost!

December 02, 2013at10:50 am, Judi Darin said:

Kathy E,
Some people enjoy small cozy spaces, even though our stick and brick homes may be spacious. Our little motor homes may be different than your giant ones, but they suit us. I like not having to pass up on seeing some sights because I couldn’t fit down the narrow country lane, or need an airport-sized runway to park. Sometimes when I see the big Class As rolling down the road I wonder how many miles to the gallon they are getting…..

November 30, 2013at9:40 pm, Darlene said:

Kathy E…Class B owners do not “live” in their van, but “tour” in them. We have the freedom and the ability to stop anywhere we want without having to driving around the block a few times to find a place to park, or not stop because we couldn’t find a place big enough. When we feel the need for more space, we sit outside or take a walk. Never felt cramped doing that. Nothing but wide open spaces. It’s all a matter of perspective. Maybe you enjoy the travel stories because you are unable to travel in “style” like a “tin can” can. I prefer my “tin can” over any “bus”, Class C, TT, or trailer of any kind. My conversion van is a motor home….it has a motor and it is my home away from home. Seriously…no kidding.

November 30, 2013at7:22 pm, Mike Wendand said:

I’d hate to read your comment if you didn’t like our blog, Kathy E! 🙂
But, seriously, when it comes to RVing, bigger is not necessarily better. We all have different likes and dislikes. And Class B owners choose Class B RVs because they prefer them over A’s or C’s. A quality Class B costs as much as many a Class A so it’s not a matter of expense. We’re all different. RVs come in many different sizes to meet the needs and desires of many different RVers. To each their own.

November 30, 2013at7:13 pm, Kathy E. said:

I’m sorry, but are you kidding? There is no way a Class B camper van like you have can possibly have enough room to live for any loner than a night or two, Seriously, as the owner of a Class A who often finds IT a bit too crowded, I have to laugh as you two try to tell us you are comfortable in that little tin can. I love your blog. Don’t get me wrong. But I prefer the travel stories and stories about national parks an interesting things you find along the way. No way is a Class B even a real motorhome. At best it’s more of a glorified tent! Just my opinion but had to offer it.

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