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Our Roadtreking Kansas Gathering and Cowboy Adventure

We just finished a Roadtreking gathering on a 7,000 acre working cattle ranch in the heart of the Flinthills region of Kansas and the largest remaining expanse of tall grass prairie in all of North America.

It’s an marvelous place filled with cowboy culture and grand adventures. We went hiking, toured the area, star gazed, took in the local music scene and learned about the amazing prairie ecosystem. Come along with us in this video!

Information on the Flying W Ranch can be fond at

For a tour of the Flinthills region, check out Prairie Earth Tours at


2 Responses to “Our Roadtreking Kansas Gathering and Cowboy Adventure”

October 22, 2018at6:51 am, Angelique Goodnough said:

Great photos, great music. Thanks for sharing another adventure.

October 18, 2018at2:19 pm, Lynn said:

FANTASTIC!!!! Thanks for sharing!????

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