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NFL Player, Wife Embrace RV Lifestyle

| Updated Dec 30, 2019

A professional football player on the Baltimore Ravens may be headed to the Super Bowl, but will definitely be hitting the road in February for a cross-country RV trip with his wife.

However, living life in an RV won’t exactly be a new experience for Baltimore Ravens starting left guard Bradley Bozeman and his wife, Nikki.

That’s because in what can be a testament to how great the RV lifestyle is, the Bozemans have fully embraced the culture and live in an RV in rural Eldersburg, Maryland, according to

NFL Player, Wife Embrace RV Lifestyle 1
Bradley Bozeman and his wife, Nikki. (Photo courtesy

The team’s official website reports that the Bozemans — originally from Alabama, where they were star athletes at the University of Alabama — first considered buying an RV about a year ago.

They wanted to travel the country during the offseason and were looking for a cheaper home base, so it made a lot of sense.

“We didn’t feel secure in buying a house and we were tired of renting. Rent around here is expensive! Alabama is pretty cheap,” Bozeman said. “So we bought the RV, and we’re saving I think $1,800 a month.”

Per a picture posted with the story, the Bozemans live in a 5th Wheel Trailer so they aren’t exactly roughing it.

Our RV Lifestyle Fellow Travelers probably won’t be surprised to learn that they still sleep on a king-size bed, there’s a spare bedroom, a full living room, and full kitchen.

NFL Player, Wife Embrace RV Lifestyle 2
The Bozemans' RV (Photo courtesy of

“It’s a small house pretty much,” Bozeman told the team website.

NFL fans likely will be aware that most odds makers have the Baltimore Ravens currently favored to win the Super Bowl on Feb. 2.

Should that come to fruition, the Bozemans won’t spend too much time in celebration mode as they are set to start a cross-country trip on Feb. 10 during which they’ll stop at 22 schools to talk to kids about bullying. It’s something that impacted both Bradley and Nikki greatly growing up.

Details of their trip and updates will be posted at their website, which can be found here.

“We’re really excited about that. We’ll get to see the country and bring light to a great cause,” Bozeman told “I feel like we don’t really understand quite the importance, as adults, of teaching kids how to respect others and that the words that come out of your mouth are very powerful. A lot of kids suffer with bullying.”

Mike Wendland

Published on 2019-12-30

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