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The critical shortage of RV service technicians

The boom in RV sales has created a major demand for RV service techs. The RV industry just can’t get enough of them. So it’s rolling out intense recruitment and training efforts to convince more prospects that this can be a very lucrative career.

At the recent National RV Trade Show in Louisville, KY, the Recreational Vehicle Association of America identified the nationwide shortage of techs as one of its most critical problems.

The critical shortage of RV service technicians 1
Top Tech – Brandon Galbreath

There were workshops held and lots of discussion about finding ways to train more techs fast – as sales keep skyrocketing.

Something else the industry is doing: Celebrating the superstars of RV repair. In Louisville, RV technicians from around the country competed to win a crown as the top tech in the country.


Contestants worked against the clock to diagnose, install and fix common RV situations encountered in RV repair shops. The $10,000 prize winner? Brandon Galbreath, of Alabama’s D&N RV Service.

Here’s our travel flog report about the issue…

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