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New Jeep doubles as RV

In the big fall RV shows, a lot of heads have been turning over a new Jeep model called the Badlands that is all tricked out as an RV, with a slick little tent that pops up on the hardtop and a galley that can fold out of the rear.

It’s aimed at Overlanders, who make up a hugely popular segment of the RV community that prefer off road boondocking experience. The Badlands can be financed as an RV, meaning over a longer period and with tax advantages.

It’s made by a California-based outfitting company called American Fastbacks, which was recently acquired by the Erwin Hymer Group of North America. We got a chance to see the Badlands at both the Hershey RV show in Pennsylvania and RV Dealer Open House in Elkhart, IN. It is also on display at the California RV Show.

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