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New all-season Roadtrek Popular 190 Anniversary Edition Revealed

| Updated May 23, 2013

190ARoadtrek Motorhomes has released a new all-season, solar-powered 40th Anniversary edition of it's 190 Popular coach that features a redesigned, higher interior and a stunning Mocha Steel tri-coat paint job that looks like diamonds have been embedded into the finish.

Roadtrek President Jim Hammill says the new model, revealed to attendees at the corporate anniversary rally in Branson, MO, continues a trend towards green energy use and extended dry camping through solar power. Pricing information and optional packages will be available at Roadtrek dealers throughout North America in early June.

The new model has 10 gallos of extra fresh water capacity and special tanks that do away with the need for winterization if the unit is plugged in or the engine is running.

The solar power, with a 3,000 watt inverter, assures that users will be able to stay for extended periods of times in remote places far from commercial campgrounds. The rooftop solar panels generate 210 watts of power to four batteries. Roadtrek also added a new engine generator to the unit for extra power off the grid.

solar190The Popular 190 model joins two Sprinter Roadtrek models introduced late last year that use solar – the RS Adventurous eTrek and the RS Adventurous CS (for Camping Series). Earlier this year, the corporation announced that it would be able to retrofit solar on many earlier units already sold.

Early reaction to the Popular 190 was favorable. “It's a beauty,” said Cheryl Gregorie. “I love the fact that it doesn't need winterizing.”

“I love the bling of the color scheme,” said Shari Groendyk, of Portage, MI.

“The fact that we don't have to winterize is huge for those of us in cold climates,” said William Browne, of Spring Lake, MI

The interior, with a larger bathroom and new bamboo cabinets in the interior, also drew praise from many. It is three inches taller than earlier 190 Populars.

“This is how we'll moe into the next 40 years of our history,” said Hammill. “We will lead the Class B industry in technology and innovation.”

Mike Wendland

Published on 2013-05-23

Mike Wendland is a multiple Emmy-award-winning Journalist, Podcaster, YouTuber, and Blogger, who has traveled with his wife, Jennifer, all over North America in an RV, sharing adventures and reviewing RV, Camping, Outdoor, Travel and Tech Gear for the past 12 years. They are leading industry experts in RV living and have written 18 travel books.

10 Responses to “New all-season Roadtrek Popular 190 Anniversary Edition Revealed”

March 07, 2014at11:43 am, John Benson said:

I contacted RoadTrek online support and got some additional information.

A link to a photo album on the 40th anniversary edition

An additional comment from RoadTrek (11:19:19 AM): What I can add specific to the 4-Season aspect is that we are going to exploit some of the characteristics of the Alde heating system used in the unit to provide warmth for the fresh water lines. Alde being a radiant hydronic system meaning that it circulates hot liquid in the floor and through household style baseboard convection radiators.

Here is my RoadTrek dream combo:
the CS Adventurous with 7 cubic foot refrig/freezer, the complete solar package and the All-Season package.

March 07, 2014at11:08 am, John Benson said:

Karsten, thanks for the reply. Yes, it certainly looks similar to the aftermarket JACK digitial antenna. What caught my eye was the color match, so I thought it might be a RoadTrek option, especially if the van was a demonstration model from RoadTrek.

I looked through the RoadTrek website and I could not find anything from them that matches the device. So perhaps the van in the video was a user’s personal RoadTrek.

March 07, 2014at10:23 am, John Benson said:

What is the round shaped device on the roof behind the solar panels? It looks like a factory option because the paint matches the van.

You can briefly see it in the far away shot at the 1 second mark, and closer at the 25 second mark in the video. Looks cool, but I’m not sure what it is. Antenna, satellite dish, cell phone booster?

March 07, 2014at10:38 am, Karsten Askeland said:

John … It looks like the digital antenna. I have a Jack antenna that looks similar and it gets good reception in areas that have a digital signal.

May 27, 2013at11:08 pm, Jacqueline O Chaplin said:

The biggest down point for me is the location of the propane tank. Not only does it mean you will have to approach the propane station from the opposite direction of everyone else, but cutoff valve or not I prefer the tank in the rear versus in the storage compartment right behind the drivers seat in case a sideway collision. Thought it was great not having to winterize until the caveat of running the engine or being plugged in. I will just keep what I have.

May 27, 2013at7:03 pm, Fred Nunes said:

I also like the Chevy Roadtrek models over the Sprinter’s. Looking forward to seeing the all new 210 E-trek with upgraded solar panels, hidden on a new stream line roof, connected to 8 AGM batteries. WOW what an RV!!!

May 27, 2013at12:42 pm, Herbert Korn said:

Wow…this is just what Roadtrek needed; a 190 witht the all electric set up. Just before the Sprinter E-Trek was introduced, I added a 2000 watt inverter and 4 100 amp AGM batteries in order to be less reliant on RV Sites. It works wonderfully and when I need an upgrade, this new 190 will be what I will be looking for,

May 23, 2013at9:20 pm, Johann Schuster said:

WOW… That is gorgeous! We definitely prefer the tidier, more inconspicuous Chevy Roadtrek models. Indeed, this design concept bodes well for the company’s future! Green RV design, smart interiors, tidy & efficient chassis are all what we’re looking for!

May 23, 2013at8:37 pm, Karsten Askeland said:

A great looking unit. Next time … if there is a next time, I would like to look at the smaller Roadtrek instead of the Sprinter style RV I have now. I kind of like the lower profile van and definitely like this new Roadtrek.

Looking forward to seeing more of the interior and other features when possible.

May 23, 2013at8:13 pm, Ann Kopel said:

Hi Mike. What’s the mpg for the new Roadtrek now that it’s a bit higher.

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