Amateur Radio Shows Map of Our Current Location

 Amateur Radio Shows Map of Our Current Location

Wonder where we are, where we've been? Thanks to amateur radio, we have a live map that will show you our current location.

Here's a map showing our current position, based on the ARPS (Automatic Packet Reporting System) location setting I have activated on the amateur radio transceiver we have in our RV.

My call sign is K8ZRH. I use amateur radio at home and on the road in our RV,

APRS is a digital communications system that uses packet radio to send real-time tactical information (on amateur radio frequencies). The APRS network is used by ham radio operators all over the world.

Essentially, the VHF amateur radio transceiver in my RV is set to automatically send out a location beacon of my GPS coordinates to the APRS network of “digipeaters,” which takes my telemetry, tracks my route, and displays it on a map in real-time.

CLICK HERE for a Live Map showing Our Current Location

You do need a license from the Federal Communications Commission to operate an amateur radio station, but there are several different grades, and the easiest one – the Technician License – consists of passing a 35 question test on radio fundamentals, operating procedures and reulations.

Amateur Radio is Great for RVers

The license gives access to all Amateur Radio VHF and UHF frequencies, which is where APRS location settings are transmitted. The Technician license is perfect for RVers, giving them the ability to communicate locally and most often within North America through some cool repeater or relay signalling.

For worldwide long-distance communications on the HF, or short wave bands, you need a higher grade license with more detailed questions. But it, too, is relatively easy to get but hs more in depth questions.

Amateur radio is a great hobby for RVers. I have lots of stories here on the blog that I've done about our use of it, as well as some videos.

To learn more about amateur radio, check out the American Radio Relay League,

Here are some videos showing how Amateur Radio enhances my RV Lifestyle

These some of my favorite videos on ham radio.

CLICK HERE for a Live Map showing Our Current Location


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